Cycling: LUISS taken part to Gran Fondo Campagnolo

  • 16/10/2017

Sunday 9th October at 7.15 a.m., over than six thousand cyclist taken part to the Gran Fondo Campagnolo in Rome. Also LUISS athletes enjoyed competition who have faced 121 km and more than two thousand meters difference in level through enchanted villages and breathtaking scenery. The competition started from Colosseum and ended to the Caracalla’s thermae.

The route was characterized by four difficult climbs – on which was based the final ranking – along the Albanian hills (2,3 km with slope at 5,9%), Rocca di Papa (1,1 km with slope at 10,3%), Rocca Priora (6 km at 6,3%), Rostrum di Montecompatri (72o meters at 12%).

LUISS’ cycling team athletes gave their maximum in the various category of Italian Cycling Federation. The best time – 35 mins – belongs to Nunzio Muratore arriving 83rd (ninth in the ELMT cathegory). Ginacarlo Perazzi scored 198th with 35 mins. Good performance for the new arrived Lorenzo Canuti with 35 min and 30 sec who scored 240th. Elena Serangeli arrived 80th with 49 mins in the ranking of climbs.

To the competition taken part also the sports Director Gabriele Terrafina who completed the route in 5 hours: “My sensations were positive since the first light of the sunrise looking at more than one thousand of passionate reunite in one objective with the speaker who started the countdown for the adventure, without forget the mini route travelled by children. I have to thank the lawyer Santilli and his staff for the organization of the competition”. Was satisfied of the results Luigi Bielli, LUISS’ cycling team technical Director: “Notwithstanding university engagements, my guys are able to compete with the best cyclists. For the next year I expect great performances, also thanks to new grafts”.