Fantabici Circuit 2017: awarded Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore

  • 15/11/2017

Sunday, November the 12th, at Fiano Romano’s Sports Hall there were held the awards of Circuito Fantabici 2017 edition; during this event were given some prize to best scored athletes in all of circuits belonging to this season, such as: GF Cerveteri, GF Dei Colli Amerini, GF Del Velodromo Di Forano, GF La Garibaldina, GF Valle Del Tevere, Terminillo Marathon.

Every one of this circuits gave a specific score that, in the end, was summed up to the general ranking. Our athletes, Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore, obtained the victory for this season because they rank first in their own championship.

In the general ranking, our team placed 22 th over than 300 team. On 5th march will start a new season and the ambitions are those to reconfirm this magnificent season.