Ethics and talent will retrain Italy?

  • 15/11/2017

If it’s true that sport is an expression of society, the missing qualification for Italy at the next Mundial Cup has to be seen as a loss not only for football word, but even for our community.

Certainty, it’s not our commitments to make a technical analysis of the match but is in our ethics try to give a contribution in order to evaluate the talent why these are the word that since ever drive our mission and our vision. Both on sportive side that on academic ones.

It’s lawful asking if is still possible to combine ethics and talent but, according to our experience, thanks to the collaboration between SSD LUISS and MECS, official partner of the project “Ethics Seeds”, reinforce our conviction and our actions.

It’s even more lawful, or better, it’s due, reflect even on why there is an elevated and premature abandon in the sportive activity and how to prevent that young promises have to decide between sport and study.

In this case, as SSD LUISS, we are confident because our efforts, that can be seen in the Scholarship Project for students-athletes and in the promotion of the Dual Career, go in the direction to permits our student to pursue achievement in the sportive and academic road.

Of course, this is even possible thanks to some agreements with the best international University that offer Erasmus and Double Degree experiences. Our strangers’ students have to be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat.