University Football: LUISS defeated John Cabot for 4-1!

  • 15/11/2017

Continue the positive strip for the team guided by Mister Giovannetti!
While everyone in Italy were seen the unworthy national’s match, at “Trastevere Stadium” won LUISS against the historical opponents from John Cabot with a result of 4-1 thanks to two auto goals, and in the middle a double of Scrimieri that gained the title of feeder of the LUISS team.

Mister Giovannetti placed the usual 3-5-2, trusting on the senators Ciccioriccio, Razzano, and to captain Marciante. It’s necessary to underline a great debut of a class ’98, Guglielmo Bertoni.

It’s worthy to underline the fair play and the correctness of our players that maintained the calm notwithstanding the provocations and contacts at the limit of tolerability from opponents. Another evidence to the style and to the vision of sport that since ever characterize our members.