Elena Serangeli: in the study as in the sport we have to pedal if we want to reach the top

  • 18/12/2017

A master degree in economics and Business and a great passion for sport. Elena Serangeli, cyclist of AS LUISS, tells what drive her to pick LUISS.

In 2015, I’ve participated to the partnership with Utrecht University that permitted me to study in Holland for a year. In there I signed in the athletics team because I’ve always made sport in my life. In these team I had the possibility to meet a a german boy Anton. Then, when I returned in Rome, I met in Anton at LUISS University that was participating at the same abroad program. He suggested me to sign up to cycling; next day I called Luigi Bielli, our athletic trainer, and from that moment i fell in love with this sport. In few time I started to participate to competitions and become the captain of this team

Then, talking about Dual Career:

Dual Career is the perfect combination of study and sport. The sport pushes me and my teammates to give the best in study. Thanks to cycling we have learned that our legs are our unique engine. In the study as in the life, we have to pedal if we want to reach the top. To made it, we need to be patient, to train, to dedicate, to sweat, to made sacrifice and give the soul!