Cycling, LUISS at the Granfondo Campagnolo Rome

  • 02/11/2018

On Sunday 14th October, the Granfondo Campagnolo took place in Rome, a party through the streets of the centre where the two wheels paraded for about 8 kilometres before the competitive route located at the gates of the Coliseum.
“Omnia vincit amor”, literally love wins over everything is the slogan of the 5,000 participants in this edition who met at the spa of Caracalla, the logistics district of the international event.
There were also two classic routes of 120 and 60 kilometres reserved for runners who went in the direction of the Castles, but the real game was played by Nunzio Muratore and Giancarlo Perazzi, who started respectively with the number 4442 and 4443. The athletes from Lucca have covered the entire track winning excellent times, both in the ranking of the four timed climbs and the general one, including non-competitive stretches.
The Sicilian athlete came close to the podium finishing 5th in his category and 43rd overall, while the Piedmontese athlete finished 92nd overall and 16th in his category. As far as the overall time classification is concerned, Muratore finished 123rd and Perazzi 21st overall.
“The granfondo gives, always, exciting choreographic glimpses, but cycling in the capital is a fantastic experience, I would say unique” declare the LUISS riders together.
“Our LUISS athletes end the season as great as the event that frames it was; it’s always nice to ride in a Rome accessible only to cyclists, to reach by bike safely the Roman castles, it’s great!” stresses Luigi Bielli, LUISS technical director.