Fencing, Luca Curatoli’s win at the Absolute

  • 05/11/2018

“I am ready to challenge the limits. History places them, men must overcome each other to generate other obstacles that will be punctually knocked down, is the sport, like life.” said Valentina Vezzali, and we are sure that it is the same thought that has animated our student athlete Luca Curatoli at the official start of the national competitive season of the Absolute.

In Bastia Umbra took place the First Open National Qualifying Round, with up for grabs the first points for winning the pass for the Italian Championships next June in Palermo. The winner was Luca Curatoli, student athlete of LUISS, who beats Luigi Samele of Fiamme Gialle with a score of 15-13 in the final. “It’s a tough match because we know each other very well. I dedicate the victory to the Police, to LUISS, to all the people who follow me, from my family to my teacher and brother Leonardo Caserta, to my athletic trainer Roberto De Cesare”.

Enrolled in Law, Curatoli, having won a scholarship, follows our LUISS Sport Program, aimed at university students-athletes who want to continue to practice sports at a competitive level and at the same time attend a course of academic studies of high profile. “In December, I am expected to attend Private Law II. I will try to take more exams before March, when the season will come alive.

To Luca goes our greatest good luck!

(photo by Andrea Trifiletti and Augusto Bizzi)