Cycling: Team Luiss’ 2019 season gets off to a great start

  • 06/03/2019

On Sunday, March 3, under the sun of Vetralla, the Luiss Cycling Team has brilliantly inaugurated the 2019 season.

The Gran Fondo, which started at 8:30 a.m. from the city centre, was made up of a single 88-kilometre route. The 400 athletes tackled a track full of uphill jerks and fake plains, with a short stretch on dirt road that put a strain on the strength of the tires of racing bicycles.

Nunzio Muratore, Elena Serangeli, Lorenzo Canuti and Giuseppe La Gatta – the athletes Luiss who participated in the race – arrived at the finish line satisfied.

Mason, accustomed to longer routes, said: “Short race for my standards and for my preparation. However, it was a great start to the season. Nunzio finished 44th overall and 11th in his category. A great result, considering the number of participants.

Lorenzo Canuti finished under three hours, despite the many commitments have not allowed him to train at his best during the winter.

Elena Serangeli arrived at the finish line in a sprint with a big smile printed on her face. Happy to have started the season with the team, also for her a great result: third place in the category.

For Giuseppe La Gatta it was the first contact with the world of cycling: “Very interesting route with beautiful landscapes. I’m happy to have gotten so far”.

After the awards, the team left Vetralla with the coach Luigi Bielli, very satisfied with his boys.

Excellent seasonal debut in view of the next commitments.