University soccer, Team Manager says: “There’s a great desire to do well”

  • 06/03/2019

Alberto Vitolo, Paolo Scotto Opipari and Mario Alletto are the Team Manager of the University Soccer Team. Three exceptional boys, before three students who put time and skills at the service of athletes, coach and management. We interviewed them to analyze the upcoming commitments and the current condition of the eleven coached by Roberto Giovannetti.

Boys, first of all congratulations for the work you do. Speaking of the team, however, what are the commitments scheduled?

Mario: The next game will be at home against ESN United, a team that despite being behind us in the standings we can not absolutely underestimate. Then we’ll have two very delicate matches, against John Cabot and Link.

Which of these do you think is the most difficult commitment to face?

Mario: Definitely the game against Link. Beyond the football rivalry between the two teams, it will show us where we are.

What is the current state of the team?

Paolo: It’s quite good, also thanks to our athletic trainer. The preparation, however, began in October, so several months ago. Clearly, the less we are absent from training, the more the condition improves, even if some athletes are not always there to fill the gap with excellent technical skills.

What are the objectives for this year?

Paolo: At the moment we are fourth in the standings but the goal is, as every year, to win the championship. Then you never know how it will end and we certainly do not underestimate any opponent. However, working on the cohesion and growth of the group is also our goal. And I’d say that we’re making great progress in this respect.

What’s the boys’ mood like?

Alberto: At the moment they’re not fully satisfied because we’re all always aiming for the best so we suffer a bit from our position in the standings. But also for this reason the desire to do well is increasing.

How do you feel about your role as Team Manager?

Alberto: Well, we are a mediator. We always try to filter out the needs of the locker room and bring them back to the people who need them. But this is a very cohesive group and often those who have to say something – for example to the coach – do it directly, without the need for us to intervene.

Last question: are the boys proud to play for their own university? Do you think they feel a sense of belonging and love for the shirt?

Paolo: Definitely. There’s a desire not to disappoint the coach and reach the umpteenth championship final. In the next games the boys will give everything, we feel that there is a great desire to do well.

Then all that’s left is to support everyone for the university football team!