Male Volley: Luiss wins and persuades against La Storta

  • 13/03/2019

La Luiss takes the field from La Storta with a 3-0 dry. A success that convinces everyone for the express game and the mentality shown. After the Afrogiro game, the boys recharged their batteries to give their all in this championship final. They finally managed to unleash their full potential.

The match was going to be rough, given the stakes for the home team, which because of the k.o. comes out of the playoff area. Ours, however, have been mature, concentrated and determined in wanting to reach the goal.

The first set ended on 25-19 for Luiss, the second was more fought because of several errors in batting and management. The spirit leader, however, pushed us up to 26-24 in the stage. The 25-22 in our favor then closed the third set and the challenge against La Storta.

A round score that is also useful for the purposes of the ranking, for a possible difference-set.

A applause to all the sextet of coach Narduzzi, underlining the performance of Mazzariello, Frassinetto and De Marco. The first did not make a wrong choice, scoring points with intelligence and strength, as if he had been waiting for this game for some time. Frassinetto became a protagonist in the defensive phase, being careful in the opponent’s jokes, and in the offensive phase, managing to make textbook points with cunning. Nicolò, on the other hand, who has now recovered his small muscle injury, is doing really well and with great continuity. Honorable mention was also made of Gragnola, a silent boy who always responds with his presence.

At the end of the game, the team let itself go to the necessary celebrations: we are deservedly second. With these 3 points, the lads climb to -2 from the leader Afrogiro, who feels his breath on his neck and knows he can’t make a mistake.

Appointment to Thursday, March 14 for the challenge against Villalba. Come on guys!