Sailing in Luiss

  • 22/03/2019

The sailing project promoted by AS Luiss is aimed, in this first phase, at professors, former alumni, managers and institutional profiles of Luiss, to arrive at a later phase in which students will also be involved.

The sailing activity will be carried out on board one-design yachts of the same model and size: ESTE24 (length 7.5 metres, with 5 crew members in addition to the skipper/trainer).

Project promoted in collaboration with the oceanic navigator Matteo Miceli.

Vela in Luiss

Day 1 – Thursday 21 March
5.30 p.m., Villa Blanc
Presentation of the Project to participants, stakeholders, journalists. Testimonials by Matteo Miceli and Cristiana Monina.
Introduces the project the General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto.


Day 2 – Friday, May 3

Riva di Traiano
Hours 14.00
Meeting and Technical Briefing

2.45 p.m.
Boarding, safety briefing on board and training session at sea

4.30 p.m.
Return to pier

Buffet at the end

Day 3 – Saturday, May 4

Riva di Traiano
9.00 a.m.
Meeting and Welcome Coffee

9.30 a.m.
Technical briefing and split into teams

10.00 a.m.
Boarding and training

11.00 a.m.
First starting signal

4 p.m.
Return to pier

4.30 p.m.
Award ceremony and closing cocktail event

Ground activities
Technical Briefing is essential to involve participants in on-board activities. It’s the time when you meet and form teams. In a short time everyone will have the basic knowledge to lead the vehicle and the game.

The topics addressed will be:

The Boat and the basic nomenclatures
The Gaits
Crew and Roles on board
Safety on board
Land and Sea Timing


Activities at sea

A mix of fleet racing and match racing to conquer positions and final victory. Guests will compete until the last gybe, putting the ranking back into question in the final match race. A “dry” race in which tactics, strategy and strong nerves will make all the difference.

Fleet Regattas
Participants will compete in an exciting and entertaining atmosphere in 3 fleet races (several boats on the same starting line) lasting about 30 minutes. At the end of which will be drawn up a provisional ranking from 1st to 10th with the system of minimum score (the first one point to the second two points and so on).
Last signal of departure for fleet races at 14:00.

Match racing regattas
At 15:00 starting regattas match race duel between two boats. The starts will be given one every 3 minutes and the match race race will last about 20/30 minutes.

The tenth classified will challenge the ninth to try to gain a position; the eighth will challenge the seventh and so on until the last match race between the second and first in the standings to win the first edition of the LSA – CUP.

Vela Luiss

The boat ESTE24
The Este 24 is a racing boat designed by German Frers and built in over 150 pieces, plays an important role in the international sailing scene and stimulates, for its unique characteristics, entire generations of sailors, both for participation in sailing competitions, both for cruising.

The extreme ease of manoeuvring in all wind and sea conditions allows the Este 24 to sail even with very little wind, making the engine practically superfluous.

The ease with which the boat can be sailed and manoeuvred at sea is matched by the ease with which the boat can be manoeuvred on land. The drift is a bayonet retractable.

Further information
For information regarding registration please contact the Luiss Sport Office at the email address

For information regarding the technical specifications please contact the e-mail address, or call the number 0697626054.

To participate in the days of Sailing sign up by filling out the form.

Vela e Luiss