Male Volley, applause victory against Monterotondo

  • 28/03/2019

In the most exciting match of the season, our guys beat Monterotondo 3-2. The first leg was a total defeat: we lost without having shown our qualities, suffering the return after the winter break. Yesterday, however, we played at home and within the home hardly miss the game. In fact, a triumph has arrived that gives morale and consolidates our certainties.

The challenge was going to be interesting and gave away important points in the playoff area: on the one hand Monterotondo, at minus 4, hoped for a false step by the team of coach Narduzzi; on the other hand we, intent on winning to armor the good position in the standings.

The match of PalaLuiss lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes and was very balanced, both technically and tactically. The sets were decided by the focus and the ability to manage the moments of play. The first set was won by our boys 25-22, the second was very confused and ended with a clear 15-25. We made a lot of mistakes that allowed such a wide margin of detachment.

The third set also went to Monterotondo and some doubts were beginning to threaten us. But it’s always like that: when we reach the lowest point, the team comes back to life. Thanks to an exciting comeback, we were able to bring the match to the tiebreak in the fifth set that saw us triumph over 18-16.

An important victory for our path, even if the dreams of the first place have probably vanished.

Now there are the last 3 games and then the playoffs, hoping for the false steps of those who precede us in the standings.

Come on guys, keep it up!