Male volleyball, against Green Volley is a walk in the park

  • 03/04/2019

Everything is easy for our boys against Green Volley: home win 3-0 and shortened ranking. The guests tried until the end, but nothing could be done against the white-blue army.

The race was an opportunity for coach Narduzzi to let everyone play and try some schemes. Those called in were good at not underestimating the challenge. These are the game partials: 25-19; 25-19; 25-12.

Everything is still possible in group B of the First Division. Over the weekend Afrogiro beat La Storta 3-2, a result that brings us to less than two from the leader. The chances of being promoted directly to Serie D are not few. Afrogiro, in fact, in the next (and last) round will face the second in the standings Lupi di Marte. A challenge that promises to be difficult and that could pave the way for our boys, who will have to deal with the light of what Ascor.

In any case, we must not be distracted by other fields. Head to head and focus on the last challenge.

Come on, guys, we’re all with you!