Male Volley, beaten Ascor and second armoured position

  • 10/04/2019

The regular season of the First Men’s Division ends with a nice 3-0 against Ascor. The last one in the standings had nothing to say, while our boys were good and focused.

These are the game partials: 11-25; 20-25; 14-25.

The championship ends with the dream of direct promotion that was about to come true. Almost at the same time, in fact, the leader Afrogiro played a very hard-fought match against Lupi di Marte. The victory guaranteed access to Serie D, leaving us with second place.

So, at the playoffs, we could enjoy a good round. There will be two dates that will commit us next month, hoping to enter through the back door in the championship that we compete.

We are ready and looking forward to playing.

Come on guys!