Women’s Volleyball, victory and gold in the University of Rome Tournament

  • 12/04/2019

It was gold for Luiss, who beat 2-1 Roma Tre and won the Tournament of the Universities of Rome.

The last act of the championship organized by the Italian Sports Center begins in the best possible way. Our girls win the first set easily without ever losing their concentration. In the second stage, however, there is no shortage of twists and turns and the winner is Roma Tre: 29-27.

Despite an unfavourable start, in the third part the team of coach Marra brings out the determination. Thanks to winning plays and effective jokes, the comeback begins and ends on 15-13 for us: victory and first place. The girls kept the name of our University high, entering the gold book of the Roman university sport.

A triumph fruit of the great commitment of the girls, even those less employed in the championship. The merit of our players is joined by that of the technical staff and team managers. All members of the team deserve a big applause for the good result obtained.

Congratulations indeed!