B League Basketball: Chieti dominates in match 1 of the playoffs

  • 03/05/2019

An ugly Luiss loses badly playoff game 1: in Chieti  finishes 81-55. Coach Paccariè’s team remains in the match only 10 minutes and loses the fight against rebounds 36-25. In addition, Luiss shoots with 45% from 2 and wastes 16 balls. Figures that show a very negative evening.

The game actually seems to start well, with a triple after a few seconds of Captain Faragalli. Strangely, however, our boys show laziness in defense and inability to find solutions in attack. Chieti continuously doubles on Infante and Marcon and Luiss can’t help but shoot from 5 meters. Only Bonaccorso and Martino reach the ring with their own flames.

For the opponents, Ponziani and Migliori always find the way to the basket and already at the end of the first half Chieti leads 42-27. In the second half Luiss does not change much and the end credits come early, with our boys under 20 after 25′. The minutes before the end only widen the gap. The final score reflects a one-way match.

Now we have three days to find the right mentality to deal with games of this type. Chieti is experienced and strong, but Luiss can put Piero Coen’s team in trouble.

We’re sure Race 2 will be a whole different story. Appointment at PalaLuiss, Thursday 2 at 20.45.

Come on guys, we believe it!