Get off the green for the “IV Trofeo Luiss Sport Academy Golf Acquasanta”.

  • 15/05/2019

On May 24, 2019, starting at 14.00, will be held the “IV Trofeo Luiss Sport Academy Golf Acquasanta” at the Golf Club Roma Acquasanta, located in Via Appia Nuova 716 A (Rome). Get off the green too!

Registration is free and open to all, because there will be two types of competitions: the Louisiana Race for experienced golfers and the Putting Green for beginners.

How to participate?

Registering is very easy: just click here and fill in the form. To participate in the event you must, however, be in possession of a medical certificate for sports, competitive or non-competitive.

The programme of the “IV Trofeo Luiss Sport Academy Golf Acquasanta”

This is the program of the event:

  • Hours 14:00 Louisiana start with Shot Gun departure
  • Hours 17:00 Awards
  • Hours 18:00 Buffet


Louisiana: What is it?

Louisiana is a formula for playing in pairs or teams. It is called this because it was created in the 1950s in the state of Louisiana (in the USA, however, it is called a “scramble”).

The main rule is: you choose the best shot and the partners play from that position, until you catch the ball.

The players of each team perform the tee-shot, then continue from the position of the best shot. The others place the ball in the same spot and so on until it comes in.

As far as the handicap is concerned, each competition committee reserves the right to apply the most suitable rule for the event. It is usually calculated by adding half of that of the highest handicap player to a quarter of that of the lowest player.

The Louisiana Shot Gun mode provides for the simultaneous start of all teams from different holes.

Putting Green: What is it?

The Putting Green is the formula for newcomers: participants must pack the ball in the various holes on the green dedicated. It is a sort of mini-golf on the grass, without obstacles. It is the reproduction of the last part of the hole, when the players aim to finish as few shots as possible, through the use of the Putter.

The score is given considering the number of shots made to enter the ball. The smaller the number of shots, the higher the score.

For any information, please contact the Sports Office at the email address or at the number 06 85225074.