Male Volley, victorious debut in the playoffs against Roman Volley

  • 15/05/2019

The first playoff match ends 3-2 against Roman Volley. A game that seemed to be downhill, given the initial 2-0, but that was complicated from the third set.

A physical drop, in fact, allowed the opponents to recover. The home team was the protagonist of a good recovery and made us sweat more than we should. The third stage ended 26-24, the fourth 25-23. The last set, however, saw the desire to win prevailed of ours: the partial decisive ended 11-15.

Thursday 16 there will be the last match at home, essential for promotion to Serie D. A championship that has been missing for two years at home Luiss and that perhaps it’s time to regain.

Appointment at 21 to PalaLuiss for the challenge against Victoria Volley.

We look forward to many and warm!