Soccer Promotion, 5 goals to Polisportiva De Rossi and playoffs conquered

  • 15/05/2019

The regular season of Mr Rambaudi’s team ended in the best possible way. Against Polisportiva De Rossi comes a round and important success: 5-0 and playoffs won.

Our lads’ gorges start early: at 18′ the bomber De Vincenzi bags the 39th centre of the season, six minutes later Vilmercati doubles up, and then he encores at 40′. In the second stage the goals of Nolano and Oliviero arrive to seal the three points and the second position. A net score that brings back the morale of the team, loading it with a view to the next races. The promotion in Excellence is a goal to be aimed with decision.

As Mr Rambaudi said at the end of the game, the playoffs are an important goal and crown an extraordinary path. Now, however, we need to prepare as well as possible to move forward as much as possible.

Appointment for Sunday, May 26 for the first match. The match will be played at the Futbol Campus and after any extra time there will be no penalty kicks. The draw would give our players a pass.

Come on, guys, let’s keep believing!