The “Sport Centric Value Creation”, a cycle of seminars on Dual Career, begins today.

  • 15/05/2019

Today, 15 May 2019, the cycle of seminars of the “Sport Centric Value Creation” will begin. The meeting will begin at 16.00 and will take place in the Aula Toti, at the Campus Luiss in Viale Romania 32. The main theme of this seminar will be “Choosing the youth society to prepare for dual-career”.

Sport Centric Value Creation

The “Sport Centric Value Creation” seminar cycle aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what a student-athlete needs to plan in order to build a future of level both in sports and professional environment.

The Dual Career is in fact a holistic training path, within which different aspects unfold, each preparatory to the other, and that if well harmonized allow the student athlete to improve the ability to learn, to adapt to change and resist pressure.

The achievement of sporting and professional success is a complex path that needs to be prepared with care even before university years by students-athletes, with a view to “large learning”.

Commitment, motivation and responsibility are an integral part of the student-athlete’s baggage, but they may not be enough if they are not channelled into a structured path that develops skills to excel in both the sports and professional fields at the end of their competitive careers.

The challenges for those who undertake this path are many: to balance study and intense training, to maintain high concentration on two fronts, to respond to strong competition in both sport and study and “create” the leaders of tomorrow.

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The themes addressed in the cycle of meetings

15 May 2019

The choice of the youth society for the preparation for dual-career. “The economic, reputational and moral value of the youth sector for professional teams”

October 2019

Cognition and motion. “The management of the body and physical preparation in the medium to long term”

February 2020

Mental strength and psychology. “Concentration management and the development of an adequate level of self-esteem”

May 2020

Ethics. “Achievement of results without shortcuts”

September 2020

Nutrition. “Nutritional balance as a function of physical and psychological growth”