Male Volley, triumph and glory: promotion to D league is now a reality

  • 27/05/2019

We did it: promotion to the D League is a reality! Floris serves Tofoli, who gives a super ball to Frassinetto, who – without an opponent’s wall – crashes to the ground. Accompanying him, a deafening cheer that didn’t leave us even a minute.

We had promised it: we wanted to win and there was no doubt that it would be so, given the concentration of the team members. The desire for the D-Series shone through from their eyes during the warm-up. Honour to the Male Volley, who beats the Victoria Volley 3-0 in an hour and a half and returns, after two years, in the category that belongs to him.

Given the important result we have achieved, we want to dedicate the right space to each of them.

Ettore Giolai: he came from years of stopping, but since the selection phase he has always shown a great desire to play, get back into shape and take a place in the sextet. In fact, with patience and constancy when the coach called him on the field, he has always been ready, giving his contribution and also making heavy points.

Alessandro Bianchini: “Bianco”, a classic sparkling Romagna player, always in a good mood. Her gracefulness brought her also in the rectangle of the game when he was called in by coach Narduzzi, characterizing himself during the championship for the man who always ended the match. Always his last points.

Giuseppe Canalicchio: the man of the “all paid”, in his second year in the team but for personality and professionalism seems to be one of the veterans. He immediately entered the locker room and has always thought about the good of the team. Always ready and loaded when he was called into question and certainly man dressing room. It would take a Peppino in each team to have a team cohesive and with values.

Edoardo Gragnola: “Dudu”. What to say about him, a cot, a wall, a central that makes the difference constantly, mastery of the field and physical strength distinguish him mainly. Among the strongest grafts that we could have hoped for. In silence, he gave the charge showing everyone what it means to be a central in volleyball.

Matteo Picconeri: for him it was a return to the origins, strongly desired by Captain Tritto brought charge and enthusiasm. On the field he always fought on each ball giving his best and was rewarded in the waiting and sacrifices at the beginning of the season. As a demonstration of his commitment and his attachment to this team, he did everything possible to attend the final being for personal reasons abroad.

Niccolò De Marco: The number 10, perhaps the most beautiful season that he played with the white blue jersey. We appreciated his great improvement in concentration and management of the moments of the match. Perfect and fundamental in several matches of the championship, he often took the team by the hand and led it to victory.

Marco Pannuti: finally he was able to play the season in the role he liked most, that of central. He had a lot of fun during the whole year, he came from a year of stop and his absence was felt. Silent guy who always wants to get the most out of his performance and always ready to improve when he made mistakes. In this finale he was perfect, a quality both in the joke and in the phases of the game of higher level.

Alessandro Tofoli: the reinforcement that was needed. He has made his experience available to the team and staff, a young man used to playing important games and who is looking forward to playing them. He was characterized by intuition and intelligence in the field, not least the incredible dunk scored in the final. He quickly joined the group and helped to give it its own winning identity.

Gianluca Floris: an investment for the future, his qualities are remarkable and he has alternated very well with Tofoli dribbling always giving security and peace of mind to the players on the field. Always ready to give his contribution to the team.

Stefano Vitiello: a bit ‘the mascot of the team, is in his third year in luiss and although this year has not been very continuous in performance, has contributed to this magnificent climb. He has always done his best and entertained his teammates by softening their spirits during the course of the season.

Valerio Fucci: “Red”. Due to shoulder injury, his championship ended very early. Valerio, however, is a boy who has always impressed for elevation and determination at every point scored.

Daniele Mioduszewski: for all Danielino, loves this sport and he doesn’t want to do without it. He’s been through a lot in this team and he’s always available in training as well as in the game.

Lorenzo Pastorelli: the first 2000 of the male volley. The bet of Mr. Narduzzi and the second Dal Soglio. They have always believed in him and have invested time to help him improve. The future is all his own, he has considerable margins for growth and the role of central seems to have been made his own. The road is long but with this commitment will have great satisfaction.

Carlo Alberto Frassinetto: “Caf”. The man who scored the last point of an exciting season. He enjoyed a strong understanding with the setter Tofoli managing to distinguish himself for dunks worthy of note and jokes certainly not from the first division. Responsible boy, professional who has always shown strong attachment to the jersey, training with perseverance and commitment, even when physically he was not at his best.

Valentino Mazzariello: an outsider. The reinforcement that most served this year, perhaps the MVP of the entire season. With his long beard and his Neapolitan making frightened opponents who remained helpless to his dunks similar to thunderbolts that left no escape. The playoff final is all his, ace, crushed, exultant, all on his side.

Andrea Giachi: one of the old guard, a sparkling and funny soul, just a little to light up like a fuse but not for this he loses his concentration, on the contrary, he always has the best of himself. Although this year at the middle of the championship he had to leave for work reasons, he always came to support us and has always wanted to be informed of the results.

Giovanni Abbronzino: the free of the team, the soul of the group always there in the center to take all the dirty balls and give the charge to his teammates. He’s a senator and certainly doesn’t need any introduction. Years go by, work commitments increase, but rest assured, he will always be on the pitch ready to train and play to honor the jersey. He’s a real professional.

Luca Tritto: the captain. It’s right to conclude the report cards exalting what our captain is. He feels the shirt sewn on him and plays a fundamental role on and off the pitch. He’s the reference figure for the players and the staff, always ready to talk and solve the problems of the locker room. The first to enter the training ground and the last to leave. To be immortalized the standing ovation that gave him all the cheers yesterday during the final when, having entered the third set, he made a textbook wall. Applause roaring for him and all deserved. He won’t easily forget tonight.

Lorenzo Narduzzi: the coach who made this dream come true. He knows how to manage the group, he makes everyone express themselves in the best way possible. When things don’t go well, he’s the first to call for order. He’s always done well and won. In his palmares there are no relegations.

Christian Dal Soglio: the deputy who, however, has proved to be ready. Thanks to the synergy created with the coach, he was able to show personality and competence, helping the coach in his tactical choices. Above all, we’ll remember him for his commitment to the team. In particular for the younger players, at their first competitive experience.

Bruno Cappa: he needed a trustworthy man as a manager and better than him there could not be. A boy who makes availability and friendship a way of life. Sincere and correct, he has always sacrificed himself for the team, managing well the role of manager. He made himself available and immediately found a great alchemy with team manager Francesco Sciabica.

Francesco Sciabica: the factotum of the team. In his third year in the team, he always put passion into every match as if he were the one to take to the field. The good and the interest of the team have always been his priority.