Soccer Promozione: winning debut for Ledesma’s boys against Doc Gallese

  • 25/09/2019

The first one was a good one for Football Promozione: a convincing victory arrived at the debut against Doc Gallese. Cristian Ledesma’s team won 5-1 against Dino Nelli, starting the season in the best possible way.

The main carachters of this roaring debut were the new Palazzolo graft, the defenders Stendardo and Cinti, and the usual De Vincenzi. Honorable mention for Matteo Zampacorta, author of an excellent test.

Luiss has scratched the defense of the hosts by air. The goals scored by Palazzolo and Stendardo arrived, in fact, thanks to precise headers. To close the race has thought, then, the tip De Vincenzi. The bomber put the turbo on and sowed the opponents with one of his deadly counterattacks. After having jumped also the goalkeeper, he deposited the ball in the net, putting the exclamation point on the victory luissina. For Doc Gallese, the goal of the flag signed by captain Luigi Mechilli at 85 minutes was useless.

An excellent test that charges the environment in view of the home debut against Monte Mario, scheduled for Sunday 15.

Come on guys, keep it up!