Carl Lewis and Luiss: meeting with Director Paolo Del Bene and Filippo Tortu

  • 02/10/2019

An afternoon to remember for the Luiss Top Athlete Filippo Tortu. The 21-year-old Italian, first Italian in a 100m world final after 32 years, met Carl Lewis.

With the Son of the Wind, nine-time Olympic gold medalist, he spoke at length at the AIPS Sport Media Awards.

This is Carl’s advice to Filippo: “I know Italy and the Italians, in your country they go crazy quickly for the winners. You don’t settle for it, you don’t sign too many autographs. Grow up, go to a competitive environment, test yourself, get out of the comfort zone. Look for the challenges that stir your head. Stay focused on your goal without being afraid to hit it”.

When asked what Filippo is studying about, our Top Athletes answered with pride that he attends Economia at Luiss. The only university in Italy that allows you to reconcile study and sport at a high level, just like in the best Anglo-Saxon and American colleges.

After the conference, Tortu and AS Director Luiss Paolo Del Bene gave Carl the jersey of our University, joking about the assonance between Luiss and Lewis.

A curtain from which his name was written on the jersey of the University, which gave many smiles to those present.

Tortu will be back on track on Friday 4th October with the men’s 4×100 together with Marcell Jacobs, Fausto Desalu and Davide Manenti.

Come on Filippo, we’re all with you!

Tortu Lewis Del Bene