Basketball Serie B defeat and reached in the standings by Ruvo di Puglia

  • 27/01/2020

Defeat for Basketball Serie B, beaten 79-71 and reached in the standings by Ruvo di Puglia.

A game in which Paccariè’s boys were always close to the hosts, but never managed to sink the shot.

Ruvo di Puglia took a strong start thanks to the inspired Laquintana and Bini, also pushed by a full house. A triple from Tamburrini gives us the first advantage over 18-17.

The opponents, however, overturned the situation and our guys closed the first half under 43-34.

In the second half Paccariè asked for attention and the team immediately produced a good break. We were close, down to -3, but Ruvo found points from the bench and escaped on the +12.

The quintet with the two little ones, however, put us back in the running thanks to the Martino-Infante duo. A triple from Pasqualin takes us to a point from even. Then, however, the light goes out and the defeat comes.

Next challenge, the midweek against Formia. We’ll meet at the Palaluiss on Wednesday the 29th at 9:15 pm. Come on, guys!