Juniores Football, Falcone plays the charge: “Great team, united group”.

  • 09/03/2020

Born in 2000, originally from Città Sant’Angelo, Dennis Falcone is one of the protagonists of the ride that brought Calcio Juniores to second place in Group A. Central defender with a past as midfielder, he is one of the two out-of-bounds of our cantera. Dennis has very clear ideas: to continue his academic career in Luiss and give his best with coach Mo’s team, ending his last season among the juniors in the best possible way. Then he can pass “among the greats” of University Football or Promotional Football. In the latter team, he would expect a department mate with a resounding name, who he has already admired closely and from whom, of course, he could steal some secrets of the trade.

Dennis, tell us a little bit about yourself: how long have you been playing football and what are you studying here at Luiss?

I started playing at the age of 5 with Poggio degli Ulivi, then I played in the Renato Curi Angolana, with whom I played the quarter finals of the Scudetto. From this year I am part of AS Luiss and I started the three-year course in Economics and Management.

What role do you play and what is your style?

For four years I’ve been playing defense, before I was employed as a halfback or halfback. Maybe that’s also why I like to set the action from behind and participate in the maneuver.

Are you happy you chose this university?

I am very pleased: Luiss provides us with all the necessary means to study well. And then the sports programme is really fascinating. It’s a multi-sports program of the highest level, involving important individualities.

These include William Stendardo, a central defender from whom you could learn so much…

Yes, in fact, his presence is one of the reasons why I would like to be part of the promotion squad in the future. Willy would be a department mate to study carefully.

Have you already had any experience with the team coached by Cristian Ledesma?

Yeah, we played a friendly against them in the pre-season. Then I trained a couple of times with the team. No official call yet, but I’m hoping they’ll come in the future.

Is there anything or anyone that struck you in particular during practice?

The boys have a winning mentality and play at a very high pace. I was impressed by De Vincenzi, who is really strong, and Carbone, a defender who is not afraid of anything, pushes the team with competitive malice and motivates everyone in the locker room.

Back to you Juniors, can you tell us about the characteristics of the team?

We are a very proactive formation that always wants to play ball on the ground. We have the tactical organization and the technical qualities to do it. Lately the results are proving us right and we’ve redeemed a difficult period.

Five consecutive wins and second place, what’s your secret?

We’re a very tight-knit, tight-knit group. As the games went by we also grew in character. We’ve gained confidence and you can see it, for example, when we’re at a disadvantage but we have the strength to make a comeback.

On a personal level, are you managing those two careers well?

Yes, I’m a smooth study and sport council. The University puts us in a position to do so and we also have time to cultivate our hobbies.

For example, what are your passions? 

I’m pulling the plug on TV shows and video games. Then I really like basketball and follow the NBA: I’m rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers because I’m a LeBron James fan.

We thank Dennis, giving him and all the guys at the Juniors a big good luck for the final rush of the season!