Top Athletes, Riccardo Ponzio gets ready to race at Mugello

  • 09/03/2020

At the wheel of the Formula 1 Jaguar Racing R3, Riccardo Ponzio will start his adventure in the European BOSS GP Championship. Our Top Athlete will have the honour of holding the wheel of the car that led Eddie Irvine on the podium at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza in 2002.

Unveiled yesterday to the press, the car has enchanted the Progetto Auto exhibition hall. For Riccardo, driving it will be a dream come true. A dream that, however, will require a great deal of effort: “The first few kilometres have already made me understand what will be waiting for me in the next two years. The feedback has been positive, now we absolutely want to confirm ourselves on the track. The objective is to do well, we had the time and means to prepare ourselves in the best possible way”.

We will be at Mugello from 27 to 29 March for the debut race. Fingers crossed for our champion!