Basketball B League, goodbye time for Marcon and Faragalli: thanks, guys!

Francesco Faragalli and Leonardo Marcon have been on the floor for five seasons with the B league Basketball team. But even the best stories have an end and, for both, it's time to say goodbye. As of next year, both Francesco and Leonardo will no longer wear the colours of AS Luiss. In September they will earn a ... More


Basketball B: Luiss says goodbye to the playoffs

Luiss comes out of the playoffs giving in physically and psychologically against a well organized and very motivated opponent. Final score 89-66 game split by the second quarter that Chieti closed 31-11. With this defeat ends a cycle of 5 years of excellent basketball, beautiful victory and terrible defeats, by Faraga... More


Basketball B League, Paccariè presents the challenge against Chieti: “details and hunger for victory”.

For League Basketball, Sunday 28 April is a date to mark on the calendar: the playoff series against Chieti begins. A commitment that will decide the fate of the boys of coach Paccariè. The coach has analysed for us the challenge that awaits our players and their condition: "The team is physically fit. The only negative ... More


Basketball B league, the recovery against Matera ends with a k.o.

The 27th round of the match ended on 76-66 for Olimpia Matera. The match, postponed in its time for the Chinese away game of the team, was a challenging test for our boys. The first two quarters were very balanced and Paccariè's team played well. At the interval the score was 36-35 for us. From the third half, however, ... More

B League Basketball: A stop in the derby against IUL

The derby of the 28th round ends with a defeat: the siren score says 75-66 for the IUL. In the first two quarters Paccariè's boys command the match and also touch +16. Then, however, returning from their trip to China, they physically collapsed under the blows of the former Scuderi. The 43-22 of the second half alone is ... More

B League basketball: Luiss loses in Palestrina but hits the playoffs

Luiss loses 92-69 in Palestrina's house, second force of the national series B round D, but with 4 days to go she is sixth at 32 points and she gains the mathematical access to the playoffs. The final score is deceptive because Paccariè's boys play on equal terms for 30 minutes and pay for a final similar to that of ... More

Paolo Del Bene

Paolo Del Bene, a life for sport: “He taught me a lot, I’ll do the same with our students”.

First player, then coach and finally manager: Paolo Del Bene's career has seen him change roles and duties. One thing, however, has remained constant and is the love for sport, a feeling that has always animated the current Director of AS Luiss. His words exude passion and the latter feeds a vision: to make the practice of ... More


Coach Martino, two roles and a secret: “The love of basketball is the main ingredient”.

Coach of the Basketball Promozione Team and Team Manager of Basketball B league, Andrea Martino is one of the souls of the basketball area in Luiss. The two roles he holds see him fully engaged in the management of our students in love with the orange ball. His long experience has led him to unravel professionally in the ... More


Basketball B league: big comeback against Green Basket Palermo

The one won by our boys against Green Basket Palermo was an incredible match. A daring match, in which Luiss found her first overtaking with 4 seconds to go, after two decisive baskets by Andrea Martino. Her accomplishments concluded a fantastic comeback, which led to victory for 87-86, recovering from less than 18. The ... More


Basketball B league: Salerno’s triples roll out the Luiss

After a very good first part of the race, Luiss falls on the field of Salerno: she ends 90-70 for the campani. The challenge with Virtus Arechi was to prove to be a dangerous team against all the big ones. So it was in the first two quarters, very balanced. Dragged by Infante, Marcon and Bonaccorso, the boys of Paccar... More