Basket League B: an heroic LUISS comes out spectacularly!

LUISS has lost against Cassino, missing the possibility to get into the final match, after an incredible game. Our team, sustained by 50 fans, has played a magnificent Match 5 and  has been defeated for 89-86. Fiery match right after the beginning. Cassino gets ahead of 7 points, but the well-know duo Beretta-Marcon ... More

Step by step we are making history …

A season full of victories, achieved dreams and improvements, all made possible by an empathic  and exceptional connection among students, coach, assistants, physiotherapists, tutors and institutions. “When you improve a little bit every day at the end big things happen. When you improve your physical form every day, ... More

Basket B League: LUISS-Scauri, 70-79

It was a bad lost for LUISS in a difficult but not impossible match against Scauri. After the first quarter, ended with the score of 23-10 points for Scauri, Coach Paccariè began to change his boys with the aim to choose the best five players. At the beginning of the second part of the match, our players tried to ... More

Basket B Series: great victory of LUISS against TIBER

Another success for our players against a very good team. After an intensive and difficult match, LUISS defeated Tiber with the score of 94-76 points. Thanks to the incredible performance of Ricciardi, Valentini, Beretta, Scuderi and Marcon, our boys won an important match demonstrating their energy and ability to ... More

Eugenio Beretta: Degree and National Team!

Congratulations to our student Eugenio Beretta, one of the best Series B “pivot players”, who earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business and was selected to represent Italy in a project created by Bogdan Tanjevic. This project is an important national basketball team meeting with the participation of the ... More

Basket B League: LUISS vs Salerno 73-62

Amazing victory for our boys who played a very good match against Salerno despite the important absences of Faragalli and Scuderi. After the first part of the match in which LUISS overcame its opponents, coach Paccariè tried to replace often his players with the aim to create some difficulties to Salerno. Salerno ... More

Basket B series, LUISS at an important crossroad

After the defeat, the first in season (Salerno), and the re schedule of derby against Tiber (december the 20th at PalaLUISS), the guys of coach Paccariè had 10 days for reorder the trainings. “We started to train better during this week” told Paccariè. “The defeat in Salerno made us go back in time when we ... More

Winning strip for Basket B series that beated Isernia for 68-65

The unbeaten continues and LUISS remain first in championship that won against Isernia for 68-65. Our team started fast, scoring 28 points in the first half thanks to Beretta (14p.), Scuderi (14p.) Veccia (8p.) and Faragalli (7p.), while the second one finished 33-36 in favor of LUISS. The match is breathtaking, and ... More

Basket B series, LUISS vs Barcellona 60-59!

Continues the winning strip for LUISS thanks to a suffered winning for 60-59 in the derby against Stella Azzurra. Coach’s Paccariè obtained 12 points after six championship days. Never a beginning so positive. A difficult match for Faragalli and co since the beginning. The young boys fight and run: 11-4 in the first ... More

Basket B series, LUISS vs Barcellona: look at the gallery!

First defeat in championship for Barcellona Basket that surrends in LUISS home field for 79-60, it was a memorable day for our guys as you can see from this fantastic images! Look at the gallery! More