B League basketball: LUISS beats also Valmontone

A good performance of Paccariè's boys allows LUISS to defeat at home Valmontone 74-67 and reach 8 points in the standings after 6 days. In a crowded PalaLUISS Faragalli and his teammates play a first fourth point to point that ends just on even 19. Valmonte starts strong in the second quarter and flies to + 7. ... More

Basketball B League: LUISS strikes Cape D’Orlando

LUISS plays a great game and unleashes the Pala Valenti 75 at 82. Capo d'Orlando starts off strong, runs, defends and scores with Bartolozzi and Marianello with crazy precision. The LUISS is the same as Caserta, dazed and unable to react. The first partial ends with the hosts ahead of 35 to 17. Our line-up is more ... More

Basketball B league: LUISS beats Pozzuoli!

LUISS achieves 2 gold points by winning away in Pozzuoli for 80-75. After the Caserta's defeat, Paccariè's band, still without Marcon for a foot injury, was called to a demanding test on the field of Pozzuoli. Ready and go and Bonaccorso promoted in the quintet has presented himself immediately with 5 consecutive ... More

Basket B league : LUISS beats Napoli 75-68, a good start!

Despite a roster shake-up, our basketball team picked up where it had left off, winning a game in playoff style: hard, all out and at full throttle in the final period. In front of a crowded PalaLUISS for the the opening match of regular season, LUISS team, led by coach Paccariè, immediately set the tone of play and ... More

Basketball B league: LUISS stops in Caserta

LUISS defeated, losing in the historic PalaMaggiò of Caserta for 86-68 in the second day of the championship. Our team, without Marcon, suffers the initial vehemence of Caserta, it resumes the match in the second quarter but then is put under again by Hassan & Co. LUISS plays a modest first quarter and is ... More

Basket League B: an heroic LUISS comes out spectacularly!

LUISS has lost against Cassino, missing the possibility to get into the final match, after an incredible game. Our team, sustained by 50 fans, has played a magnificent Match 5 and  has been defeated for 89-86. Fiery match right after the beginning. Cassino gets ahead of 7 points, but the well-know duo Beretta-Marcon ... More

Step by step we are making history …

A season full of victories, achieved dreams and improvements, all made possible by an empathic  and exceptional connection among students, coach, assistants, physiotherapists, tutors and institutions. “When you improve a little bit every day at the end big things happen. When you improve your physical form every day, ... More

Basket B League: LUISS-Scauri, 70-79

It was a bad lost for LUISS in a difficult but not impossible match against Scauri. After the first quarter, ended with the score of 23-10 points for Scauri, Coach Paccariè began to change his boys with the aim to choose the best five players. At the beginning of the second part of the match, our players tried to ... More

Basket B Series: great victory of LUISS against TIBER

Another success for our players against a very good team. After an intensive and difficult match, LUISS defeated Tiber with the score of 94-76 points. Thanks to the incredible performance of Ricciardi, Valentini, Beretta, Scuderi and Marcon, our boys won an important match demonstrating their energy and ability to ... More

Eugenio Beretta: Degree and National Team!

Congratulations to our student Eugenio Beretta, one of the best Series B “pivot players”, who earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business and was selected to represent Italy in a project created by Bogdan Tanjevic. This project is an important national basketball team meeting with the participation of the ... More