Basket Promotion, what a heart! LUISS-Liceum Basketball: 58-55!

Continues the winning strip for LUISS that wins on the difficult field of Liceum Basketball for 55-58. A thought starts for our guys that at the beginning of the match gone in disadvantage, in fact the first half ended for 20-13. But coach’s Martino guys with grit and team spirit ended the second quarter with a draw ... More

Basket promotion, in home the opponents can’t win: LUISS-ASD Roma XVI, 64-44

Positive homecoming debut for coach Martino that in the second championship match beated ASD Roma XVI for 64-44. Good defensive performance of LUISS capable to give only 44 points to opponents. First quarter ended with +9 for our guys, in the second half captain D’Ercole and his teammates obtained a lot of points of ... More

Basket promotion: LUISS beats Fiano Romano for 88-66!

A crackling beginning for Basket Promotion that ntakes home the first two points of season thanks to a passionate match. Balducci haul LUISS with 34 points, in double number also Baldoncini with 13 points. The physicality and the nervous prevail at the beginning of the match, but the first half ended with a plus 7 for ... More

Basket, Promotion: let’s start once again!

Saturday 29th October will start a new season in Promotion for LUISS basketball team. There will be a new coach that is also a Paccarie’s assistant in B series: Andrea Martino who seems to have given a good level of faith in players that have responded well in friendly matches. With the passing of time, we are sure that ... More