Basketball Promozione, Valsugana wins at PalaLuiss: first k.o. to the playoffs

The first defeat in the final stages against Basket Valsugana, who defeated PalaLuiss 62-56. A k.o. that could weigh heavily in case of a negative result against Basket Roma Nord, the number one candidate for promotion. The guests from the start express a dynamic and fast basketball that puts our boys in trouble. The ... More

Roma Tre

Basketball Promozione: a stop on the pitch at Roma Tre

After the success with Magic Team, a k.o. arrives for the team of coach Martino. Roma Tre wins 66-50 and imposes a stop on our players. The setback in the inter-university tournament is the result of a treacherous start, which sees us achieve only 2 points in the first stage. From the second quarter, Luiss mentioned a ... More

Magic Team

Basketball Promozione: Luiss encores on the court of Magic Team

After the victory at the debut on Primavalle, comes the second success in the final stages: against Magic Team he finishes 62-53. An important result on the court of a historic club that has rocked many champions, including Andrea Bargnani. Coach Martino's boys have made a change of course with respect to the qualifying ... More


Basketball Promozione, winning debut in the final stages: Primavalle k.o. 63-51

Luiss had a good first time in the final stages of the championship: she finished 63-51 against Primavalle. A good win over a direct opponent for promotion to Serie D. Excellent start from the guests, who keep up the bar of defensive intensity and make the most of the mistakes of our team. The first quarter ended on +5 ... More


Coach Martino, two roles and a secret: “The love of basketball is the main ingredient”.

Coach of the Basketball Promozione Team and Team Manager of Basketball B league, Andrea Martino is one of the souls of the basketball area in Luiss. The two roles he holds see him fully engaged in the management of our students in love with the orange ball. His long experience has led him to unravel professionally in the ... More


Basketball Promozione: Casilino 23 wins at PalaLuiss

Second consecutive defeat for Promotion Basketball, after the k.o. against Olimpia San Venanzio. The internal challenge against Casilino 23 ends 55-79, an undertone match for our team. Coach Martino's boys, too soft in the defensive phase, were hit several times by the counterattacks of the guests. Negro's triples in ... More

San Venanzio

Basketball Promozione: blackout Luiss against Olimpia San Venanzio

Luiss cannot repeat the victory obtained on the field of Don Bosco Cinecittà and loses against Olimpia San Venanzio. The away match ends 99-60 for the hosts. First quarter balanced between the second and third of group C, which ends with an unfavorable 23-20. In the second stage our opponents manage well the course of ... More

Luiss Basket Promozione Bosco

Basketball Promozione: Luiss wins suffering against Don Bosco Cinecittà

It was a difficult turn on the field at Don Bosco in Cinecittà for Luiss, but in the end the game ended with a positive 69-65. A match full of emotions that rewards the versatility of the team of coach Martino. Our boys start uphill, immediately at a clear disadvantage against the taillight of the group. The defense ... More

Basketball Promozione back to victory

Excellent victory of the Luiss Basketball Promotion that imposes itself against Atletico San Lorenzo with a partial final of 68-56. The Luissini were called to reverse an attitude almost always negative in the first quarter of the race, the answer comes immediately on time with an approach to the race much more convin... More

Basketball promozione, Luiss defeated by the Esquilino

Luiss 60 - Equilino 62 There comes another defeat for the Basketball Promozione Luiss, negative moment for the team that suffers from the usual problem, an approach to the competition insufficiently, as opposed to the host team much more determined in the initial minutes. The evolutionary curve of Luiss also in this ... More