Horse riding: Luigi Del prede on the podium

"Riding a horse, we borrow freedom". (Helen Thompson) This is a very good result achieved last Sunday by our student-athlete Luigi Del Prete who, on the saddle of LB Castello, ranked 3rd in the Grand Prix CSI2 * in Salzburg (1.45m category). Congratulations, therefore to our athlete for the important placement ... More

Sport and study, some advices to reconcile them

Let's start from idea that the instruction of sportive practice should be important from the childhood in order to have the capacity to reconcile studi and sport. Even the Parliament is focused on the question, in particular in which way the sport strengthen the human capital thanks to his role in the instruction. ... More

SPORT FESTIVAL: between study and sport, wins passion

Today at LUISS, the curtain will be lifted on the traditional Sport Festival, which will be attended by all student athletes from 18.30 and for the first time by the LUISS SPORT ACADEMY Top Players who started their academic course using the "Wild card" sporty. The event, led by journalist RAI, Alessandro Antinelli, will ... More

SPORT FESTIVAL: emotion and show in the Church room

The traditional Sport Festival took place in a festive climate for the season 2017-18, started with the most classic of greetings by General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto, who recalled the importance of the studio-sport binomial and how much the LUISS has invested in these terms: "LUISS has always had the attention of ... More

Ethics and talent will retrain Italy?

If it’s true that sport is an expression of society, the missing qualification for Italy at the next Mundial Cup has to be seen as a loss not only for football word, but even for our community. Certainty, it’s not our commitments to make a technical analysis of the match but is in our ethics try to give a contribu... More

Fantabici Circuit 2017: awarded Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore

Sunday, November the 12th, at Fiano Romano’s Sports Hall there were held the awards of Circuito Fantabici 2017 edition; during this event were given some prize to best scored athletes in all of circuits belonging to this season, such as: GF Cerveteri, GF Dei Colli Amerini, GF Del Velodromo Di Forano, GF La Garibaldina, ... More

Giorgio Avola between fencing and Dual Career

Even this year during LUISS Sport Festival, on November the 20th, our athletes will have the chance to spent some time together to relieve some crucial moments of the past season and to take some rest. One of these is Giorgio Avola, that begun at best this season conquering a third place in the Mundial Cup, reaching the ... More

LUISS won the first edition of UNIBOAT RACE ROMA!

It’s a wormy autumn day, an unforgettable moment of challenge between young athletes. Along the Tevere’s banks Saturday the 28th October there was the first edition of UNIBOAT RACE ROMA, that seen as protagonists the rowing teams belonging to LUISS and Foro Italico Universities. The show, sponsored by CONI and FIC, ... More

SSD LUIDD and Foro Italico: the first edition of UniBoat Race, 2017

Saturday, the 28th, at 3 p.m. will challenge, along Tevere, LUISS and Foro Italico boating teams for the first edition of UNIBOAT RACE ROMA in 2017. The game will be on a double track with inversion in water on a length of 500 meters with the start from the Music’s Bridge and the arrival at Duca d’Aosta’ Bridge ... More

Being an athlete makes us better students?

Skills acquired doing sport at professional level, as the capability to focus and to improvise, can improve the academic performances? It’s not easy to coordinate sportive career with the route through degree, but every research suggests that the ability to “juggle” on both commitments brings to substantial improve... More