volley maschile as luiss 8 gennaio

Blackout males volley. But now head to the next one!

We would like to write only about titanic ventures and great comebacks but unfortunately this was not the game. Monterotondo - LUISS Volley ends with a 3-0 net for the home team. A cold and detached field that has seen our heroes never in the game, despite the desperate attempts of coach Narduzzi and individuals in the ... More

Men’s volleyball, two on two!

Here we are, once again without a voice and with a smile on the face all day long. The day after these great games is always more beautiful, there are those who comment on the game, there are those who remember the best games and those who find similarities with the past. But immediately afterwards, we all remember the ... More

Male volleyball, the first one is ours!

How many emotions in the field between ASD Mars Wolves vs AS LUISS, which sees us winning outside the house for 2-3. A game that if we wanted to summarize it we could take as a reference the 4 sets, the longest ever played by our boys but by far the most adrenaline-filled and beautiful, to see and especially to play, ended ... More

First game of the season for the boys of LUISS Volley of coach Narduzzi.

The desire is always the same, the goal is to win to start immediately well. The team presents itself this year with many new grafts, both in the staff with the entry of the new Team Manager Bruno Cappa who will join this year the usual Francesco Sciabica, now in his third year, and especially among the players, good level ... More

Men’s Volley: LUISS-Casal De Pazzi 3-0

Great victory for our boys during a very good match against the young players of Casal De Pazzi. Thanks to the amazing performance of Rivellini and thanks to the experience of our team, LUISS won the match with the score of 3-0 points.     More

Men’s Volley: LUISS vs Reatina, 1-3

Another lost for our boys, the third in the last period, against Reatina with the score of 3-1 points. Despite the large amount of absences, LUISS played a good match trying to stay focus until the end. After two sets, our team did its best to win the third set but the match finished at the end of the fourth ... More

Male Volleyball: Casal de Pazzi vs LUISS, 1-3

"Volleyball is unique because it is geometric, you play in a square and, in three touches, you build infinite triangles" (Ivan Zaytsev) Three touches, three points, three to one ... not just a metaphor, but a beautiful reality: 3 more points for the boys of volleyball! They won against Casal de Pazzi with the result of ... More

Male Voleyball: LUISS vs Villalba Volley, 3-0

Let's start the weekend with a suffered victory in the last set that fill us with pride and willingness to win even more! The match was full of of oversights and mistakes made by us, but at the same time rich of adrenaline in the last set that made fun even the audience. We bring home the maximum result either this ... More

Male Volleyball: AS LUISS-ASD Circolando, 3-0

Finally arrived the first 3-0 out for our volleyball male team against ASD Circolando. The match was fluctuating but shown LUISS as superior team. The protagonist was Tritto notwithstanding his not so well physical form together with Festa and Giachi. But we don’t want to indicate an MVP because the real MVP was the ... More


Still others point conquered from guys of volleyball that yesterday beaten for 3-1 N. ED. REATINA APPIO ROMA. The first set begun in disadvantage for LUISS. Notwithstanding that, the team feels that the match is on their range and that is possible to obtain the maximum. In this way, the guys ended the set for ... More