Male Volleyball: everything easy against Villalba

The positive results for the team of coach Narduzzi continue, beating 3-0 Villalba. A clear victory in a particular race, started after the minute of silence in memory of the former student Luiss Pilar Buzzetti, who died in the plane crash in Ethiopia. The match against Villalba seemed more like a training than a match. ... More


Male Volley: Luiss wins and persuades against La Storta

La Luiss takes the field from La Storta with a 3-0 dry. A success that convinces everyone for the express game and the mentality shown. After the Afrogiro game, the boys recharged their batteries to give their all in this championship final. They finally managed to unleash their full potential. The match was going to be ... More


Male Volleyball, Luiss beats 3-1 also Zagarolo

In the recovery of the seventh day, Luiss triumphs over Zagarolo: another 3-1 after the one trimmed over the ASD Polas. An important victory for the ranking, but not convincing from the point of view of performance. Analyzing the match partials, it can be seen that everything has been decided to the advantages. Especi... More


Male Volley, AS Luiss wins 3-1 against ASD Polas

It was said that the defeat against the Afrogiro would be a defeat capable of leaving teachings. So it was and against ASD Polas came a victory of 3-1. A beautiful and convincing result. Above all because the game partials (25-23; 23-25; 15-25; 21-25) demonstrate the tenacity and the desire to win of our team. The bad ... More

Afrogiro 3 – AS Luiss 0

The match that we were waiting for so long, at the end of a very important week, which sees us satisfied in the middle. After Thursday's victory against the Lupi di Marte, on Saturday we played for the first place with the leader Afrogiro, a team that should be congratulated for its performance on the field and that ... More

Male Volley wins direct clash against Lupi di Marte

Team victory for the boys of Coach Narduzzi We are on 24-15 for our boys, fourth set one-way, Pannuti comfortable in dribble for the Tofoli dribble that raises it in place 4 to Mazzariello crashing on the wall a good dunk, so then an excellent reception of ours followed by a rise of Gragnola for our opposite Picconeri ... More

Male volleyball, 3-0 win. And now two crucial matches

A.s. Luiss - A.S.D. Ascor: 3-0 The game was governed far and wide by our heroes who already on the eve knew that they could play and have fun without suffering particularly opponents who are currently in third last position at only 5 points. These are three important points given the results of the day passed by the ... More

volley maschile as luiss

Male Volley, convincing victory: 3-0 away!

We win again after a small and bitter defeat against Monterotondo. Green volley- A.S. Luiss finishes 3-0 for the visiting team. We knew that the green volleyball guys would be very within our reach, a team made up of very young players, probably all under, but in these games the risk of underestimating the situation and ... More

volley maschile as luiss 8 gennaio

Blackout males volley. But now head to the next one!

We would like to write only about titanic ventures and great comebacks but unfortunately this was not the game. Monterotondo - LUISS Volley ends with a 3-0 net for the home team. A cold and detached field that has seen our heroes never in the game, despite the desperate attempts of coach Narduzzi and individuals in the ... More

Men’s volleyball, two on two!

Here we are, once again without a voice and with a smile on the face all day long. The day after these great games is always more beautiful, there are those who comment on the game, there are those who remember the best games and those who find similarities with the past. But immediately afterwards, we all remember the ... More