Mottola says goodbye to Luiss: “It was a school of life. Guys, don’t let go now.

Alessandro Mottola is one of the senators of the Football Promotion team. Former captain, current vice-captain and, above all, author of one of the historic goals of AS Luiss: the one that led to victory in the Italian Cup Final. A goal that is the icing on a cake represented by hundreds of games with our jersey. But all ... More


Football Promozione, Luiss beats Fiumicino and locks down second place

After the external success against Atletico Lariano, Luiss presented herself at the direct clash with Fiumicino in order to consolidate the second place. Achieved goal: Mr Rambaudi's lads honoured the delicate challenge, beating their rivals 2-0 in the standings. A victory that allows our players to cross the finish line ... More


Soccer Promozione: Luiss runs on the field of Atletico Lariano

Rambaudi's team continued their excellent performance, beating Atletico Lariano 3-1 and moving into second place. Another clear victory, after the trio sold to La Rustica, in the race that saw the return to the field of Guglielmo Stendardo. The success is matured in the first 45', when all the goals of our boys have ... More


Soccer Promozione: Luiss scores three against La Rustica

The curse of indigestible draws has been interrupted: 3-0 against La Rustica and three points taken home. Coach Rambaudi's lads regained their victory and smile after an orderly match in which they gave little to their opponents. The score was unlocked by the usual Andrea De Vincenzi, who carried on our team thanks to a ... More

Santa Maria della Mole

Soccer Promozione: Santa Maria della Mole stops Luiss

All downhill for our boys, after 45' closed over two goals, and instead the danger was around the corner. The second part of the game saw the hosts reassemble: 2-2 and the opportunity was wasted. Mr Rambaudi's lads didn't manage to honour the field on which they won the Lazio Cup. The return to the Superga Sports Centre ... More

Soccer Promozione: bitter draw against Lupa Frascati

Between arbitral episodes difficult to judge and gusts of cold wind, the home challenge against Lupa Frascati ends 1-1. Ours' desire to win clashed with a tough and orderly opponent. The result was a match full of competition in which the referee drew four red cards. In the first half, Mr Rambaudi's boys managed the ... More

Francesco Vescio, a goalkeeper with 110 cum laude: “The Lazio Cup is the sweetest memory, waiting for more trophies”.

The many confirmations of this second season in the Promotion of Luiss Football stands out that of Francesco Vescio. The goalkeeper from San Martino in Pensilis, formerly Olympia Agnonese, is in his third season in the Luissina jacket. Excellent between the posts as well as in his university career, he now speaks as a ... More

October 26, 1863, story of a passion…

It was the Victorian era, witnessing a growing interest in romanticism, mysticism, social values and the arts... Representatives of 11 football clubs in London met one evening at Free Mason's Tavern, Great Queen Street, to discuss the objective of finding official regulations for the game of football, one of the most ... More

Football Promotion, LUISS alone in the lead!

Our football team that plays in the Promotion League returns to the lead of the group, this time alone, thanks to the success against Santa Maria delle Mole for 2 to 1. Mr Rambaudi's line-up overtook Mosciatti's, not without some difficulty. The hosts went on with Roscioli on 17', then Marchetti slipped in the door ... More

Cinti: a healthy group, ready for great achievements

These days there has been much talk of the gesture of fair play that has seen the protagonist of our football promotion team that, last Sunday, gave a goal to the opponents to remedy a misunderstanding on the field. The news is well known: the goalkeeper of the Lupa, 2-1 ahead, tries to put the ball in a lateral foul to ... More