October 26, 1863, story of a passion…

It was the Victorian era, witnessing a growing interest in romanticism, mysticism, social values and the arts... Representatives of 11 football clubs in London met one evening at Free Mason's Tavern, Great Queen Street, to discuss the objective of finding official regulations for the game of football, one of the most ... More

Football Promotion, LUISS alone in the lead!

Our football team that plays in the Promotion League returns to the lead of the group, this time alone, thanks to the success against Santa Maria delle Mole for 2 to 1. Mr Rambaudi's line-up overtook Mosciatti's, not without some difficulty. The hosts went on with Roscioli on 17', then Marchetti slipped in the door ... More

Cinti: a healthy group, ready for great achievements

These days there has been much talk of the gesture of fair play that has seen the protagonist of our football promotion team that, last Sunday, gave a goal to the opponents to remedy a misunderstanding on the field. The news is well known: the goalkeeper of the Lupa, 2-1 ahead, tries to put the ball in a lateral foul to ... More

Promotion Football, a knockout worth a win!

At first glance it might seem a defeat like many others, or rather, it would also seem fair, after many victories. We played an open-face match at Fabrizi di Morena, which saw several reversals, and finally the victory of the locals only at the end, with a goal by Muzzi. Lupa Frascati thus won the three points in the ... More

Football Promotion, LUISS wins and persuades: 6-2 vs real Latina

Now we are no longer a surprise: the boys of Mister Rambaudi also overwhelm Real Latina and remain in lead of the group along with Fiumicino. Gerini takes us forward, then the Latina team draw with Lecce. In the second half, our legendary De Vincenzi wakes up and puts in three goals and does not ... More

Football Promotion: Pol. S. Angelo Romano – LUISS 2-2

28th day of Football Promotion League was characterized by the hard match between LUISS and Pol. S. Angelo Romano. At the end of a first balanced time, S. Angelo Romano tried to overcome its opponents and, in fact, made one goal and took advantage. After 45 minutes, LUISS conceded another goal and so the situation ... More

Football Promotion: LUISS-Licenza, 3-1

27th day of Football Promotion League between LUISS and Licenza finished with the victory of our boys. At the beginning of the match, LUISS tried to overcome its opponents and, in fact, Passamonti made one goal and took advantage. During the first part of the match Licenza team tried to react and made one goal, ... More

Football Promotion: LUISS-Ostiantica Calcio 1926, 1-3

25th day of Football Promotion League between LUISS and Ostiantica Calcio 1926 finished with the lost of our boys in one of the Futbol Campus fields. At the beginning of the match, LUISS tried to overcome its opponents and, in fact, the captain Costagliola made one goal and took advantage. The first part of the ... More

Football Promotion, Vigor Perconti vs LUISS 2-1

After two beautiful victories, LUISS played against Vigor Perconti on 18th February. At the beginning of the match, our boys tried to overcome their opponents but Vigor Perconti made one goal and took advantage. Despite the fact that it was raining, the level of the match was very high and intensive with LUISS that ... More

Football Promotion: ASD SAlto Cicolano-SSD LUISS, 3-4 hearthbreaking final

  In the fist half our guys made 3 goals thanks to the double of De Vincenzi and Passamonti. But, in the end of the first 45 minutes Ranieri scored a free kick shortening the distances. In the restarting, LUISS confident of the vantage gained, tried to handle the match lowering, maybe, too much. The host made ... More