Basket promotion: passion beyond the result

Another season has ended and, unfortunately, it did not end as we hoped. A defeat that prevents us from going into League D category. Both teams played as if they were from another category, but in this game only a team wins. For this reason, congratulations to Liceum Basket. The tears at the ending represent the everyon... More

Female basketball girls win the pass for the final!

LUISS wins Match 2, in the playoff semifinal CSI and conquers a pass for the final, taking the difficult field of Atletico San Lorenzo. The match seems to be difficult since first minutes, with our opponents that want to win at all costs. After some minutes LUISS is under six points. A super Casella takes responsibility ... More

Promotion Basket: all in at PalaLUISS!

After an incredible season for our boys of Basket Promotion, after a vicroty and a defeat, we arrived at the crucial match that grants the access to the Playoffs finlas, against Fonte Roma Basket. The victory in Match 1 with a score of 60-52 grants a little advantage linked to the field factor, because match 3, really ... More

Basket League B: an heroic LUISS comes out spectacularly!

LUISS has lost against Cassino, missing the possibility to get into the final match, after an incredible game. Our team, sustained by 50 fans, has played a magnificent Match 5 and  has been defeated for 89-86. Fiery match right after the beginning. Cassino gets ahead of 7 points, but the well-know duo Beretta-Marcon ... More

Women’s basketball: incredible victory against Basket Esquilino for 54-41

LUISS obtains a very important victory in the difficult match versus women’s basketball Esquilino, getting our girls in the playoffs as second classified. The match started in equilibrium, since the beginning, with our team who started in a really good way. The opponents, however, gets back, closing the match at ... More


LUISS astonishes again and after a thrilling match conquers the chance to be all in Wednesday at Cassino for Match 5. LUISS started badly, stiffened, but Cassino does not take advantage and goes in advance with 7 points, at the beginning. Marcon, Scudieri and Martone respond well and lead the boys of Paccariè in a ... More

Third edition of LUISS SPORT ACADEMY GOLF Trophy

“Golf is a mystery. Like the universe, the solar system, electricity and irony” (Paul Gallico) In order to solve this mystery, finally this year we are almost arrived at the third edition of the LUISS SPORT ACCADEMY GOLF Trophy. The tournament will take place on May  29, at 14.00 at “Circolo golf dell’Acquasa... More

Step by step we are making history …

A season full of victories, achieved dreams and improvements, all made possible by an empathic  and exceptional connection among students, coach, assistants, physiotherapists, tutors and institutions. “When you improve a little bit every day at the end big things happen. When you improve your physical form every day, ... More

Cycling: Elena Serangeli 2°, Nunzio Muratore 4°

Two beautiful medals for our student-athletes during the second competition of the "Cicuito Fantabici 2018". Elena Serangeli  won the silver medal in the Elite sport women category, Nunzio Muratore (Elite sport men category) finished his 122km in 3 hours and 45 minutes and ranked in the 4th position. 8th ... More

LUISS Swim Team: 10 swimmers, 21 medals, 1 team!

On Sunday 25th March, during the "XIV Trofeo Lazio – Centro Italia" at the swimming pool of Tivoli, 10 student-athletes of the LUISS swimming team took part in individual and team races and won 15 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals: Sofia Malagnino (gold - 200m free style, gold - 50m free style) Ma... More