B League basketball: LUISS beats also Valmontone

A good performance of Paccariè's boys allows LUISS to defeat at home Valmontone 74-67 and reach 8 points in the standings after 6 days. In a crowded PalaLUISS Faragalli and his teammates play a first fourth point to point that ends just on even 19. Valmonte starts strong in the second quarter and flies to + 7. ... More

Fencing, Luca Curatoli’s win at the Absolute

"I am ready to challenge the limits. History places them, men must overcome each other to generate other obstacles that will be punctually knocked down, is the sport, like life." said Valentina Vezzali, and we are sure that it is the same thought that has animated our student athlete Luca Curatoli at the official start of ... More

Women’s football, development and prospects

The evolution of women's football is a path of ups and downs, in Italy and abroad. Women's football was born in Italy in 1968. A not accidental date, a time of revolutions and claims, movements and actions of change. Fifty years ago, several groups of girls around the peninsula began to create football teams and meet, ... More

Basketball B League: LUISS strikes Cape D’Orlando

LUISS plays a great game and unleashes the Pala Valenti 75 at 82. Capo d'Orlando starts off strong, runs, defends and scores with Bartolozzi and Marianello with crazy precision. The LUISS is the same as Caserta, dazed and unable to react. The first partial ends with the hosts ahead of 35 to 17. Our line-up is more ... More

Women’s football, important but suffered victory of our girls!

The LUISS enters the field with determination and with a great desire to win. The first twenty minutes were dominated by the girls who immediately scored two important goals thanks to a flash of Zappalorto and an action from the side then made concrete by Laruffa. The opponents took advantage of a distraction of our girls ... More

October 26, 1863, story of a passion…

It was the Victorian era, witnessing a growing interest in romanticism, mysticism, social values and the arts... Representatives of 11 football clubs in London met one evening at Free Mason's Tavern, Great Queen Street, to discuss the objective of finding official regulations for the game of football, one of the most ... More

Basketball B League: LUISS beaten in the derby against the Stella Azzurra

An exciting match in the midweek round at PalaLUISS, played with open face by both teams and with very high percentages at the shooting. The 'new' Stella Azzurra wins with merit, suffering the first half from the accelerations of Paccariè's team, but the Stella Azzurra team has more energy in the final to control the ... More

1st LUISS Sport Academy Golf Olgiata Trophy

AS LUISS is pleased to invite you to the 1st LUISS Sport Academy Golf Olgiata Trophy, which will be held on Friday 16 November 2018 starting at 14:00 at the Olgiata Golf Club, located in Largo Olgiata 15, Rome. Registrations (totally free) are open to all levels of play, as there will be 3 types of activities: Loui... More

Football Promotion, LUISS alone in the lead!

Our football team that plays in the Promotion League returns to the lead of the group, this time alone, thanks to the success against Santa Maria delle Mole for 2 to 1. Mr Rambaudi's line-up overtook Mosciatti's, not without some difficulty. The hosts went on with Roscioli on 17', then Marchetti slipped in the door ... More

Basketball B league: LUISS beats Pozzuoli!

LUISS achieves 2 gold points by winning away in Pozzuoli for 80-75. After the Caserta's defeat, Paccariè's band, still without Marcon for a foot injury, was called to a demanding test on the field of Pozzuoli. Ready and go and Bonaccorso promoted in the quintet has presented himself immediately with 5 consecutive ... More