Cycling, the Medieval Gran Fondo closes the season of Team Luiss

On Sunday 29th September Team Luiss cyclists took part in their last race of the season: the Medieval Gran Fondo. The competition started from Tivoli and was divided into a single route of 105 km with 1,800 meters of elevation gain. The race was characterized by the late start of 3 minutes for women. This factor allowed ... More


Basketball Serie B, victory with comeback in the debut against Valmontone

Good first, for Basketball B Series. Andrea Paccariè's renewed Luiss presents itself with a beautiful and painful victory over Valmontone. After having been under for most of the match against the team coached by Alex Righetti, our guys got the better of them in a final point to point. Gellera and Infante sign the ... More

Basket Serie B

Basketball B league, at Pala Avenali wins the Eurobasket wins shortly

First seasonal test at Pala Avenali for Basketball B league. The match against Eurobasket on Thursday 29 August ended 78-76 for our opponents. The match, with a score zeroed at every quarter, saw the excellent beginnings of the new grafts Tamburrini (14 points) and Fiorucci (13). In addition, although they were only on ... More

Basket Serie D

Basketball D League, on 5 and 6 September the selections will be held at PalaLuiss

We inform you that the selections for the Basketball Team D league will be held on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 September, at 20.30 at the field B of PalaLuiss (Via Martino Longhi, 2). In order to allow a better management of the training, participants are invited to wear a white and a blue jersey. In addition, we inform you ... More


Football Promozione, Cristian Ledesma is the new coach

The sporting season is just around the corner and it is time for important announcements: Cristian Daniel Ledesma is the new coach of the Football Promozione team. In his career, Ledesma has worn the shirts of Boca Juniors, Lecce, Lazio, Santos, Panathinaikos, Ternana and Lugano, boasting in his curriculum also a ... More

Doc Gallese

Soccer Promozione: winning debut for Ledesma’s boys against Doc Gallese

The first one was a good one for Football Promozione: a convincing victory arrived at the debut against Doc Gallese. Cristian Ledesma's team won 5-1 against Dino Nelli, starting the season in the best possible way. The main carachters of this roaring debut were the new Palazzolo graft, the defenders Stendardo and Cinti, ... More

Monte Mario

Soccer Promozione: even in the home debut against Monte Mario

The home debut was a two-facetted race: starting with a double advantage and then comeback of the Monte Mario. In the second half, the high temperature caused an understandable physical drop in ours, allowing opponents to return to the game. The match was unblocked by Lorenzo Palazzolo, the third goal in two games. To ... More

Gran Sasso

Cycling, good performance of our athletes on the Gran Sasso

A challenging weekend for our cycling team. The athletes were divided between training on the Gran Sasso and a downhill race. Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore, assisted by the perfect climate, tried a climb of over 30 km. On the highest mountain in the Apennines, the athletes completed a lap of 110 km with a differ... More


Football Promozione, first stop of the season: Montalto wins 3-1

After the winning debut against Doc Gallese and the tie with Monte Mario, the first stop against Montalto came: 3-1 for the hosts. The third day was a high pace race, which saw our boys suffer on a heavy field. The match in the first half was long blocked and devoid of opportunities. The only call of Ledesma's team was ... More


Basketball B League, goodbye time for Marcon and Faragalli: thanks, guys!

Francesco Faragalli and Leonardo Marcon have been on the floor for five seasons with the B league Basketball team. But even the best stories have an end and, for both, it's time to say goodbye. As of next year, both Francesco and Leonardo will no longer wear the colours of AS Luiss. In September they will earn a ... More