Female Futsal Team: LUISS vs Roman 91, 0-3

LUISS Female Futsal Team lost against the first team of the ranking, Roman 91, with the score of 3-0 points. At the beginning of the macth, both teams played with a lot of energy and concentration and, in fact, nobody made a goal. During the second part of the match, our girls were a bit tired and so Roman 91 began ... More

Male Futsal: LUISS-Nova Phenix, 4-3

  The futsal team trained by coach Tenuta - and his vice Falanga - conquered three points in a match against an historical opponents, winning for only one goal in advantage. The first half concluded with a positive result of 3-1 for our girls thanks to a double scored by Cassano and to a goal of a veteran, ... More

Female Futsal: Vis Virago-LUISS, 1-2!

Return to win our girls, in a fluctuating beginning of championship characterized by 3 winning in seven match played. An equilibrated match from the beginning to the end, the public trembled until the three final whistles, but was the heart of our athletes to bring three fundamental points to ensure the permanency at ... More

LUISS male futsal: Roman 91- LUISS, 3-2

For a breath, our girls didn’t obtain important points for the championship. Ended 3-2 the match against the third in championship. Notwithstanding the loss they made two goals against a team that in four matches suffered only 3. Our goal was made by Fontana and Raponi. It’s important to underline an improvement in ... More

A defeat for LUISS Futsal team: LUISS-Pro Calcio Cittaducale, 3-5

Liar result for the LUISS Futsal team that finally have demonstrated to be an organized team and capable to hurt in a lot of occasions and with some offensive solutions. The painful button is still the defense, on which mister Falanga will focalize in the next trainings. In fact, the opponents, first in championship, ... More

Another victory for futsal: Collefiorito vs LUISS ended 5-6!

Ended 5-6 the third match played by LUISS female futsal against the home team Collefiorito. Our girls thought to have the victory in the fist, but the opponents were able to maintain the match on high levels. The first half opened with a gol scored by Collefiorito in its first game action. But Bonanno, with a double, ... More

Football male: LUISS won for 5-4 against Atletico 200!

A breath-taking match for mister’s Falanga girls that conquers 3 important points against Atletico 2000, imposing for 5-4 with just one more goal. Our girl known that they had to concretize with a positive result what they already demonstrated in the last game. The match opens with a free kick whistled against our ... More

LUISS futsal: a new begin for our girls!

This night will start LUISS’ female futsal championship of D series. The coach Tenuta and the co-coach Falanga have a lot of grafts, so thanks to the new and to the “old” players, we hope that this season will be rich of satisfactions! Valeria, from LUISS female futsal team, is going to start a new season. Which ... More