The sector includes the participation of two Luiss Top Athletes: Jacopo Albertoni and Gregorio Alibrandi.

The boys practice the activity with results of national importance. The training places and the type of competitions are programmed according to the competitions on the national territory.

Luiss Top Athletes

Jacopo Albertoni

Born in Rome on August 17, 1999. Third at the U18 international championships (France 2016). Third at the European Team Championships (Spain 2017). Fifth at the absolute international championships (Belgium 2017). Eighth in the Italian absolute ranking.

albertoni jacopo

Gregorio Alibrandi

Born in Rome on January 15, 2000. He was called to the Italian team. First place in the U18 team championship in 2016. Third place in the U16 national championship in 2016. Third place in the U18 national championship in 2017.