LUISS Sports Talk 4.0


LUISS SPORT TALK 4.0 arises from the idea of defining a format that goes beyond the mere purpose of achieving results and instead praises the value of those personalities who proved strong leadership skills.

It consists in a round of meetings reserved to LUISS students, which take place in the LOFT located in the Campus of Viale Romania, and involve personalities from sports, business world and society. These meetings last an hour and focus on the similarities among sports, education, job career and innovation.


The participation of athletes, business men or other public figures, with a high expertise in their own fields, is critical to share the message that a positive attitude can change your own life and improve the others’ as well, thus advancing community development and integration among people.


Conveying soft-skills through the life stories reported by personalities involved.


The goal is that of spreading knowledge about cross-capacities, relevant for the job career, that can be supplied by sports world.

To whom is addressed?

The initiative is intended for everyone who is interested in hearing new ideas, having new food for thoughts, actions and imagination. In the specific of the LUISS context, the aim is to let students get as close as possible to a variety of topics, ranging from technology, sports, sustainability, ethics and Made in Italy, so as to prompt a curious generation, eager to learn about its future.