The best results achieved by Team Nuoto AS Luiss have been, until this year, within the UISP circuit. In just four years of the team’s life, there have been a total of more than 100 individual and relay medals, of which more than 60 are gold medals. From this year we have raised the level by enrolling in the FIN circuit, counting on equalizing the good results already obtained.

Coach’s words

I consider the past sporting season very satisfactory from all points of view, for the work done and the results achieved. Training a university team makes you understand how it is possible, even in Italy, to study and play sport. AS Luiss deserves a lot of credit for this and we can continue to improve the team.


Allenatore: Andrea Gargallo
Direttore Tecnico: Alessandro Terrin
Team Manager: Gloria Tarantino, Cosmo Lucreziano

The Team

Albano Marco, Baio Barbara, Bertolucci Greta, Canu Francesco, Cerrocchi Andrea, Cortopassi Edoardo, Crosato Alberto, Esposito Chiara, Greco Emanuele, Immediato Mauro, Impagnatiello Mauro, Klose Kathrine, Lucreziano Cosmo, Malagnino Sofia, Perricone Luigi, Rubino Carolina, Rudelli Michela

Wanna join the team?

If you want to join the team send an email to sport@luiss.it

In the subject specify the sport you want and attached a short sports curriculum.

You will be contacted by the Luiss Sport Office or directly by the Team Manager of the team.

Luiss Nuoto 2019