The season began with the creation of a team that was even more competitive than the previous one, thanks to the addition of former rowers and other high-level student athletes. The group has had a remarkable growth in competitive and human values thanks to the inclusion of 8 girls, which have made the team more heterogeneous.

The 2018 season began with the victory of the Uniboat Race Roma, a race between Luiss and Foro Italico of Rome. An exciting competition, which saw the boat Luiss prevail by one second in the second heat, after a gap of 6 seconds in the first heat due to an accident. The determination of Stefanini, captain of the group, and the two national athletes, Giorgia Pelacchi and Ludovica Serafini, together with a crew never tamed, led to a fantastic result.

The season continued with the Italian University Championships in Taranto, with the presence of our top double Serafini-Pelacchi, which were champions of category 500m and vice champions in the 2000m in category 2 of Senior Female Couples. The regional championships of Lazio ended with the race of Sabaudia on June 3, which saw the double Lucidi-Giannone compete and reach an excellent second place in the double senior women’s category on the distance of 2000m.

canottaggio luiss


Allenatore Squadra Agonistica: Marco Follaro
Allenatore Scuola Canottaggio: Marco Giustiniani
Team Manager: Giulio Lavaggi
Team Manager: Paolo De Santis
Team Manager: Filippo Miceli Picardi



Corsi Giulia, Corsi Martina, Dadone Francesco, Gerli Francesco, Giannone Licia, Giovanetti Andrea, Lavaggi Giulio, Lucidi Ludovica, Miceli Picardi Filippo, Millauro Carmelo, Musci Riccardo, Nardelli Ludovica, Pagani Francesco, Papa Emilio, Parducci Maurizio, Pietrapaoli Renato, Ravagnani Martina, Transi Ilaria

Rowing School

Cidonio Francesco, Di Giovanni Alessandro, Germano Davide, Medici Carlo, Romaldi Giulio, Sacchetti Oliviero Maria, Sarandrea Lorenzo, Scatassa Martina, Zucchetti Tommaso

Luiss Top Athletes

Pelacchi Giorgia

Gold at the Italian Junior Olympic Type Championships 2016 and 2015. Four gold medals at the D’Alojal Memorial, two gold medals in the Two Without specialty and two gold medals in the Four Without in 2017.

Serafini Ludovica

In 2016, the gold at the World University Championships in Poznan and the silver at the World Under 23. Three years earlier, the world silver. He received the bronze medal for the athletic value of the Coni.

pelacchi serafini

Days and hours of training

The competitive team trains at the Reale Circolo Canottieri Tevere Remo in the following days:

Monday 19.00 – 20.30
Thursday 19.00 – 20.30
Friday 19.00 – 20.30
The rowing school team trains at the Circolo Ondina on the following days:

Monday 19.00 – 20.30
Thursday 19.00 – 20.30
Friday 19.00 – 20.30

Wanna join the team?

If you want to join the team send an email to

In the subject specify the sport you want and attached a short sports curriculum.

You will be contacted by the Luiss Sport Office or directly by the Team Manager of the team.