Sports, Ethics and Managerial Skills

The program is addressed to all students that practice sports at competitive level, who in the academic year 2016/2017 result enrolled in the 1st or 2nd year of Master’s Degree in the Faculties of Economics and Finance and Political Sciences or in the 3rd, 4th or 5th year of Single Cycle Master’s degree in Law.

The program is totally free and the attendance allows to acquire the ECTS provided by the study plan for “Other activities”.

The program is open to students who can prove their agonistic sports activity for at least a full calendar year (starting from their enrolment to the first year of Bachelor’s or Single Cycle Master’s Degree); the practice of the sports discipline can occur either with SSD LUISS or outside the SSD.

Whenever the student has completed the sports activity with another association, it shall be his own care to collect from that the relevant documentation to be examined by the Responsible of the SSD LUISS’ Office at the end of the application period.

Instead, in the case the student practices agonistic sports within LUISS, it will be our own care to prepare the documentation and gather the information from SSD LUISS.

The program includes a 20-hour seminar, arranged in 5 meetings of 4 hours each, which will take place during the 2nd term.

In order to earn ECTS, it is required at least the 80% of attendance on the overall seminar length, that is to say 16 hours, which means only 4 hours of absence are accepted.

There won’t be any English edition of the program.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Ethics, vaules and sports
  • Sports and soft skills: top benchmarks
  • Hints of Sports Law
  • Management of Sports Clubs

Check the timetable here.

General Rules

  • In order to receive ECTS, students need to attend at least the minimum number of hours required
  • A tutor will record attendance through a signature sheet and the lack of a signature either at the beginning or at the end of the module will be considered as absence; there won’t be exceptions to this rule since it is the only criterion for obtaining ECTS.
  • Absences will be counted through signatures on the register and can be done in a single day or just spared hours over several days.
  • Once the course has been chosen, ECTS cannot be assigned otherways.
  • Students who already obtained ECTS, or are taking elective language classes or other programs that recognize ECTS provided by the study plan for “Other activities” cannot be admitted to this course.

Relevant Information

  • A maximum of 50 seats are available; participants’ selection will be based on the chronological order of application, always bearing in mind eligibility criteria explained above; students from any Department are accepted.
  • The course will take place whenever a minimum of 15 participants ia achieved.
  • Activities will be held in the 2nd semester, on friday afternoons and saturdays, in one of LUISS Campus; 8-hour long (9 AM to 18 PM) classes will have a lunch break (1 PM to 2 PM) not included in the count of hours.
  • No activities will take place during the exam period.


Students enrolled to the 1st year of Master’s Degree can attend the program by sending a request to with name and University ID between November 9th-16th, 2016. Applications beyond this deadline will be disregarded.

Students of the 2nd year of Master studies won’t be accepted beyond June 2016.

Check the timetable here.