Team Manager


The project is targeted for all LUISS’ students and it is totally free. It lasts 24 hours, divided in 3 sessions of 8 hours each.

The program aims at delivering a top-quality professional training, in order to find a new Team Manager for the SSD LUISS, and understanding the many dynamics occurring in a group- team.

General Rules

  • At the end of the course, it will be possible to take a final test in order to obtain the certificate of attendance, only if the actual presence in class will be at least 60% of the overall length of the course.;
  • A tutor will record the attendance through a signature sheet and the lack of a signature either at the beginning or at the end of the module will be considered as absence;
  • All the students who attended at least the 60% of the course will be allowed to join the 1st Workshop “Sports Business and Economics of Sports” which will be held on April 21st and 22nd, 2017 in the Lecture Hall Mario Arcelli at LUISS University in Via Pola 12.

Relevant Information

The course admits 230 participants who are selected according with the chronological order of booking;

  • All the activities will be held during the second term on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning;
  • None of the activities occurs during the exam period;
  • In case of overlapping with other lectures, students have to ask for a justification for the class they are going to miss at least 5 days in advance;
  • The whole course is held in room 211 of LUISS University in the Campus of Viale Romania 32.