University Soccer

The year 2017-18 was very important for university football, although as always there was a major renewal in the team. Since September, the selection has involved about 200 students, to arrive at the selection of a roster of 28 players, to which are added the 2 players registered in January.

The team participated in the tournament of the University of Rome, an event now in its 13th edition, which saw the participation of 6 other Roman universities. Thanks to the contribution and experience of Mister Giovannetti, the results were not long in coming: after 8 months of competition, the team reached its fourth consecutive final.


Allenatore: Roberto Giovannetti
Dirigente: Paolo Scotto Opipari
Team Manager: Paolo Cardamone, Francesco Ferretti, Mario Alletto

The Team

Basile Augusto, Cammarano Francesco, Campili Alessandro, Cecere Cesare, Coco Ortu Emanuele, Consiglio Marco, Cucinella Piervincenzo, De Pasquale Michele, Filosa Nicola, Finocchiaro Vincenzo, Giorgetti Giacomo, Granada Andrea, Izzo Antonio, Lisetti Aldo, Machi Julien, Mezzarobba Paolo, Millefiori Niccolo Elia, Minicucci Manuel, Montanari Andrea, Papetti Diego, Paris Marco, Palillo Marco, Pennacchi Francesco, Poggi Alessandro, Salcuni Gaetano, Santillo Massimiliano, Siciliano Filippo, Vallese Riccardo, Zitti Pier Paolo, Vasciaveo Gabriele, Cardamone Paolo, Scotto Opipani Paolo, Vitolo Alberto

Days and training hours

The university football team trains on the following days:

Monday 19.00 – 20.30
Wednesday 19.00 – 20.30

Wanna join the team?

If you want to join the team send an email to

In the subject specify the sport you want and attached a short sports curriculum.

You will be contacted by the Luiss Sport Office or directly by the Team Manager of the team.

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