Women’s CSI

Also this year we can say that women’s basketball is in line with the national trend of recent years and has formed a large group: 20 girls have passed and 14/15, which make up the rose, have consolidated. Given the young age of the athletes, there is a real handover with the players that this year, after graduation, will leave the team, giving rise to a sort of generational shift.  The last championship went very well: 2nd place in regular season (first equal points but 2nd for difference baskets). The path was interrupted with the final play-off lost in game 3 against Pass Roma.

Basket Femminile Luiss

Coach’s words

What does it mean to me to coach a college team? I can’t help but be enthusiastic. It’s a very rewarding experience for those who share the values of sport, since the dynamics are different from those of a normal team, more focused on the sporting spirit than on the competitive one. The Luiss environment is healthy and ideal for working with serenity, and the education of the boys helps a lot in the overall management of the group. Let’s say that the merits amply compensate for the defects compared to a non-university team.


Coach: Michelangelo Schiano Di Cola
Vice Allenatore: Luca D’Ercola
Team Manager: Gaetano Salcuni, Martina Bruno, Finistauri Piera


Ambrosino Camilla, Bruschi Bianca Stella, Caporusso Benedetta, Casella Adriana, Fernandes Mariana, Frongillo Federica, Frongillo Francesca, Genna Claudia, Gobbi Silvia, Ibba Giulia, Lauri Ludovica, Lezzi Chiara, Lo Russo Claudia, Medici Ludovica, Ruggeri Eugenia, Vernuccio Benedetta, Vitale Alessia

Days and training hours

The women’s basketball team trains at PalaLuiss on the following days:

Tuesday 21.30 – 23.00
Friday 20.30 – 22.30

You want to join the team?

If you want to join the team send an email to sport@luiss.it

In the subject specify the sport you want and attached a short sports curriculum.

You will be contacted by the Luiss Sport Office or directly by the Team Manager of the team.