Swimming, qualification trials concluded for Team Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo

  • 1 March 2022

With the day of Sunday, February 27, for our Team Luiss Nuoto Intesa Sanpaolo, ended the qualifying trials for the regional championships of the category, which will be held from next March 12.

The athletes who took part in this last event are: Simone Serpente in the 100 style (54.03), Nicola Serafin in the 100 backstroke (58.56), Tommaso Landi and Lorenzo Piferi in the 50 breaststroke (31.35 – 31.73), Sofia Malagnino in the 50 style (29.00) and Costanza Emanuele in the 200 backstroke (2.26.39).

Waiting for the results of the rankings, which will reveal the names of those qualified for the final phase of the regional championship, it is right to make a balance of this first part of the season.

The perseverance and commitment of the boys and girls in training, and their determination during the competitions, have contributed to continuous technical and chronometric improvements that bode well for the continuation of the season.

All this, together with a qualified technical staff that is sensitive in understanding the needs of both the collective and the individual members of the team group, is proof that the student-athlete binomial is not a dichotomy, but an achievable goal.

Our boys and girls have once again proven that their commitment to sports has not slowed their academic progress, but, rather, has fortified their awareness. Competitive sports and study can and should be part of the growth path of those who want to excel, in sports, in college, as well as in life.