Tennis, Luiss Capital Advisory tennis team wins again in singles and doubles

  • 13 May 2022

Second individual cup for Angelini

Viola Angelini wins her second consecutive tournament playing individually. On April 15, at the Borghetti Memorial, she dominated the competition while also winning important points for her personal ranking.

With an already high score, Angelini starts from the quarterfinals, easily winning the match 6-0 6-2: she is already the favorite for the final victory.

In the semifinals, Angelini shows her full potential, winning with a clear 6-0, 6-1 and projecting herself to the cup.

Arriving in the final, the Luiss player shows all the hard work she has put in during the training of these months, winning the match with disarming ease and adding another cup to her trophy case.

Angelini-Saccone pair wins first mixed doubles tournament.

Angelini took the court again paired with Gian Marco Saccone on May 8, participating in a mixed doubles tournament at Circolo Mirage in Rome, which they won with ease.

The unprecedented duo decides to welcome this challenge aiming for a landslide victory: the hoped-for result comes thanks to a great chemistry that has been created between the university students during these months of training.

Starting in the quarterfinals, they dominate the tournament by immediately making their opponents understand their will to bring home the cup.

They get through the semifinals without problems and take the field for the final, during which Angelini-Saccone confirm their moment of great form.

They thus easily conquer the first mixed doubles tournament for Luiss Capital Advisory.

Well done, guys!