Swimming, excellent performance of Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team at Nicoletti national meet

  • 10 June 2022

The AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo swimming team, after a 2-month period without competitions, returned to the pool on the weekend of June 3-5 at the “Nicoletti” national meeting in Riccione.
The 8 athletes summoned by coach Emmanuele Zuccalà were engaged in different specialties based on previously recorded qualifying times.

Costanza Emanuele was the protagonist in the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke, Raffaele Fabiano in the 50,100 style and 50 butterfly, Simone Serpente in the 50 and 100 style, Lorenzo Piferi and Lorenzo Paolini in the 50, 100 and 200 breaststroke, Lorenzo Antonini in the 50 style and 50 breaststroke, Alberto Crosato in the 50 and 100 style and last but not least Martin Pizzoni in the 50 style and 50 butterfly.
In addition to this rich menu of races our athletes also participated in two relays: 4×50 mixed and 4×50 style.
The level of the team has significantly increased since the beginning of the year: this is a great sign for both athletes and coaches, symbolizing that the hard work, which lasted an entire season has paid off. Our team is getting more and more noticed in the competition field for its compactness and especially for the excellent performances sealed by our athletes, with competitive results in almost all competitions.

Particular mention for Raffaele Fabiano who with a time of 52.66 came close to the podium in the spectacular final of the 100 freestyle.

Congratulations Guys!