Rugby, Luiss Avio comes out defeated but with its head held high against the Bisonti Frosinone

  • 1 February 2023

2023 for Luiss Avio opens with a defeat. Obtained by the Bisonti Frosinone Rugby who will play on the Acqua Acetosa 31-19 field on Sunday 22 January.
Despite the negative result, the team coached by coach Granatelli showed marked improvements in terms of play. Especially from an aptitude point of view. Against a more experienced and better physically structured team. University students have never backed down, fielding grit and team spirit. Excellent foundations for the continuation of the Championship.

Guests start aggressively in an attempt to steer the match in their favor. But it is Luiss who surprises everyone and scores first. In the 14th minute, taking advantage of fast and intense sequences of play, the ball reaches captain Tommaso Conti who overtakes his direct opponent on the left wing and scores the goal to make it 5-0. Moscardo adds 2 points with the conversion kick.

The reaction of the Bisons is not long in coming. Thanks to a strong and dominant scrum package which, between the 20th and 35th, will score 3 tries that will dampen the enthusiasm of the young university students. At the end of the first fraction, the hosts raise their heads. After repeated pick and go a few meters from the goal line, they shorten the distances with Carosi who counterattacks the defense by crushing the oval for 19-12 in favor of the Bisonti. The first half ends with a temporary yellow card for Mazzolini for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

In the second half, the guests press on the accelerator, making the most of their physical strength and scoring two goals in the first 15′. Over time, the better physical condition of Luiss will allow the University team to stay in the game, to keep up with the strongest opponents and to express a fast and orderly game. As it had never been done with the same continuity. In the middle of the second half, the referee waves 4 yellow cards in the space of a few minutes, two on each side (Sanz and Frulio for Luiss). This did not prevent the hosts from scoring their third try of the day with Mazzolini, who will take advantage of a splendid personal play by Conti. And with precise and timely support he will add another 7 points to the final score.

Lots of applause and congratulations for Luiss Avio, a young team with many newcomers capable of playing like veterans. The beautiful and fought match until the last moment, is resolved with a defeat that does not extinguish the euphoria of our university students. Considering the work that is showing evident progress day after day and will certainly lead this group far.