Roma Tre

Women’s basketball, there is not two without three: Atletico San Lorenzo is beaten

After Educatt and Roma Tre, coach Schiano Di Cola's team also beat Atletico San Lorenzo: 45-44. Third consecutive victory for our girls. The match was exciting from the very first minutes, with the two teams intent on winning at all costs. The first quarter ends 10-14 for Luiss. In the second stage, the game is ... More

Roma Tre

Women’s basketball, Roma Tre also surrenders to Luiss

After the success on Educatt, the second consecutive victory for our girls came: 54-51 against Roma Tre. The first quarter was decisive and gave Luiss the advantage, which he kept until the end of the game. The initial 17-10 was also the result of the triples scored by Casella and Regis. From the second period, however, ... More


Women’s Basketball, good first: Educatt beaten 98-41

Luiss starts the CSI Women's Open Championship in the best possible way, crushing Educatt 98-41. The technical superiority and determination of the team immediately became clear. After a few minutes our girls led the race with a 9-point lead. A gap that by the end of the first quarter had already reached 20 lengths. ... More

Female basketball girls win the pass for the final!

LUISS wins Match 2, in the playoff semifinal CSI and conquers a pass for the final, taking the difficult field of Atletico San Lorenzo. The match seems to be difficult since first minutes, with our opponents that want to win at all costs. After some minutes LUISS is under six points. A super Casella takes responsibility ... More

Women’s basketball: incredible victory against Basket Esquilino for 54-41

LUISS obtains a very important victory in the difficult match versus women’s basketball Esquilino, getting our girls in the playoffs as second classified. The match started in equilibrium, since the beginning, with our team who started in a really good way. The opponents, however, gets back, closing the match at ... More

Women’s Basket CSI: Great victory for LUISS against Basket Esquilino!

Coach Schiano Di Cola's girls won a very good match against Basket Esquilino with the final score of 62-56 points. During the first time, the opponents played very well and so they overcame LUISS with a difference of 5 points. After the break, our girls reacted and they began to play better but when only 40 seconds ... More

Women’s Basket: LUISS won against ASD Montesacro!

With the score of 49-43 points, LUISS overcame ASD Montesacro during a match characterized by a good team building and cohesion. In the middle of the macth, ASD Montesacro players did their best trying to take advantage but, thanks to the ability and the concentration of our girls, LUISS won the match. Good job ... More