Women’s Basketball, Luiss BNL fights until the last second against Skills Roma

Our girls of the Luiss BNL Women's Basketball give up after only one extra time on the field of Skills Roma. The game ends 61-57 after a very intense match. The first quarter ends with a score that separates the Luiss of only one point from the hosting team. It is in the second quarter that Skills warms the hand and ... More

Basket Femminile

Women’s Basketball, home win 58 to 48 for Luiss Basket BNL against Roma Team Up

On April 22, the university girls of the Luiss Basket BNL team played at PalaLuiss against their opponents from Roma Team Up, winning 58 to 48. The first quarter opened with a balanced game by both teams. Our girls attacked with conviction and aggression, scoring a total of 37 points at the end of the second quarter. ... More

Roma XVI

Women’s Basketball, the Luiss BNL defeated away from home against Roma XVI

Defeat away from home for the Luiss girls of BNL women's basketball against Roma XVI. The game on Friday, April 8 ended with a score of 54-45. The first quarter opens with great intensity from the girls, focused on both defense and offense. The opponents respond shot by shot, but our girls don't give up. The second ... More


Women’s Basketball, Luiss BNL scores another important win against Frecce Romane Basket

In the first day of the return round of the women's C series championship, on Thursday, March 31, the Luiss BNL Basket girls score another important win against Frecce Romane Basket, closing the game 66 to 75. After a first quarter played head to head, our university girls manage to recover on their opponents. The ... More


Women’s Basketball, the Luiss BNL does not win against Roma Team Up

Setback for the girls of women s basketball BNL. The game ends with the victory of Roma Team Up with a score of 61-47. During the first two quarters, our basketballers dominated the match and put in a good defense. In the third quarter, the team seems to encounter some difficulties in the attack phase and sees their ... More

Roma XVI

Women’s Basketball, victory after two overtimes for Team Luiss BNL: at PalaLuiss ends 65-61

The match between Luiss and Roma XVI ends 65-61 at PalaLuiss. During the first two quarters the game seems to be balanced with both teams attacking the opponent's court. The first half ends 31-28 with an advantage for Luiss. In the third quarter the girls continue to score important baskets, but in the last quarter ... More


Women’s Basketball, BNL Basketball Team wins 47-36 against Frecce Romane

Our women basketball players restart with a success and show their determination against Frecce Romane. They impose 47-36 on their opponents. The girls, with the right offensive and defensive charge, end the first quarter ahead. After the interval, they give a turn to the game, increasing the gap with Frecce Romane. ... More

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Women’s Basketball, grit not enough to win over Maxim Bears

After the Christmas break, the first home game of the new year was finally played. The Women's Basketball team showed determination against Maxim Bears, despite the 36-46 defeat. In the first quarter the opponents failed to defend well and our girls, united and aggressive, attacked easily and ended the quarter 6-14. ... More

Women’s Basketball, historic 34-100 win against Talea Basketball

That it was going to be a special night was understood even before leaving: unable to postpone the match any longer, in fact, the girls of the AS Luiss Basket Feminile BNL Team went to Ostia against Pallacanestro Talea with only 8 players, without coach and only one team manager, due to absences caused by Covid and small ... More

Stella Azzurra

Women’s Basketball, away defeat against Stella Azzurra

In the second day of the return of the championship, our basketball players suffer a defeat against Stella Azzurra. The girls of Basket Femminile, led by Michelangelo Schiano, lose 71-47. In the first quarter, the opposing team starts with a good attack, so they have a 10 point lead. After the interval, Team AS Luiss ... More