Women’s Basketball, Luiss BNL fights until the last second against Skills Roma

  • 10 May 2022

Our girls of the Luiss BNL Women’s Basketball give up after only one extra time on the field of Skills Roma. The game ends 61-57 after a very intense match.

The first quarter ends with a score that separates the Luiss of only one point from the hosting team. It is in the second quarter that Skills warms the hand and with 4 triple to sign begins to take the distances.

In the third quarter the game seems not to change address, the Luiss BNL slides up to -18. Our team however doesn’t give up and it is in the last quarter that a great comeback is realized, basket after basket.

4 minutes from the end, it’s still -10 and coach Schiano di Cola calls a time out: from here, the team’s determination made an unprecedented comeback possible, but it wouldn’t have happened without the support and enthusiasm of the bench and the stands.

The basket (at the last second!) by number 33, Adriana Casella, was fundamental, bringing the score to 54-54 at the end of the quarter.

We needed overtime to give the game to our opponents. Five minutes of real thrills begin. The girls try until the last moment to take the victory with a background of increasingly loud shouts from the fans and the bench. Unfortunately, Skills scores another 7 points and the game ends in their favour.

Until the last split second, the girls ran and fought as if the game had just begun. It may not have ended with a win, but with the knowledge that this team can still give so much in the future.


Bortone: 5

Ruggieri: 3

Goliath: 6

Lezzi: 4

Tumminelli: 14

Ambrosino: 8

Casella: 17