Luiss Run Club

The Luiss Run Club is an amateur training group, open to all levels of preparation.
Whether you are at your very first km or at your 1st marathon, you will find a group at your level with a dedicated coach, who will show you the right training according to your skills.

Sessions are held under the supervision of Casimiro Sciscione, esteemed federal coach, on the following days:
Tuesday, from 19:00
Thursday, from 19:00

The meeting point is the entrance of the Luiss Campus in Viale Romania 32.
The Campus checkroom will be available to leave bags or backpacks during the session.
We suggest you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start.

Cost and payment methods
The cost of the Luiss Run Club is:

1 month > € 30,00
3 months > € 80,00
Annual > € 200,00.

Payment must be made by bank transfer, including in the reason for payment “Name Surname – Luiss Run Club MONTH YEAR” (for example “Mario Rossi – Luiss Run Club October 2021”).

IBAN: IT13 U030 6905 0771 0000 0013 239

INTESTATO A: Associazione Sportiva Luiss

The confirmation of the transfer or even simple indication of the CRO, must be sent by email to, to validate the registration.

Medical Certificate
To finally complete the registration, you must be in possession of a non-competitive medical certificate.
It will be possible to send it together with the transfer via email or bring it in paper format directly to the session.

Here are some useful info to get the certificate:

Medico interno all’Ateneo:
Gruppo Ini: mandando una mail e specificando di essere studenti Luiss, al seguente indirizzo per fissare la visita:

The contact person for the course is Federico Nardone. To contact him, write an email to

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