Luiss Run Club

Being part of a Run Club means being able to improve your technical running skills and at the same time explore the beauty of a city.

Doing sport in the open air is, in fact, a pleasant opportunity for discovery and escape from the daily routine.

Joining a Club means, therefore, to have the possibility to generate psychophysical well-being for oneself and for others, in an informal and associative context.

For all these reasons, don’t miss your chance to join the Luiss Run Club!


The Luiss Run Club is an amateur training group dedicated to Students, Alumni, Teachers and Luiss Administrative Staff.

The members can train for free on a weekly basis, under the supervision of Casimiro Sciscione, esteemed federal coach.

The meetings will be held every Wednesday at 19:00, departing from a Luiss location.

The sessions will follow different paths suitable for all levels of preparation. In addition, dedicated services will be available to all members.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or a novice runner, strap on your shoes and get out there!

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