The report cards of Luiss Basket

  • 18 July 2023

To conclude the season, and to make us laugh, here are the absolutely unreliable and unsolicited year-end report cards of Luiss Basket.

Bologna, Mantua, Agrigento, Turin: these are just some of the potential cities where our Giovanni, a student of the Master in Food & Wine Business, will be able to indulge in some tasting between one trip and another. Our favorite food and wine expert is already sharpening his fork and knife and this is the only real reason for his Domenica joy. Giovannone vegetable garden and kitchen‍‍ ‍

29 average. No, it’s not the points (hey, maybe) but the average marks of our little genius. A life divided between triples and books, at least curious. Nerd

A shy boy who, after a while, felt an integral part of the group thanks to the help of the veterans. However, at just 20 years old, he can already boast a promotion to A2. Turbo diesel

I convert:
So much bad luck for our Converso, who is recovering from a serious ACL injury. Never a word out of place and a great desire to be part of this fantastic group, despite some difficulties in showering in the locker room due to height. Hagrid

The team moped. He runs and darts away, some opponents are still looking for him. Other than silver medal, here we whizzed towards the A2 with gold in hand! Street urchin of Northern Rome

Di Bonaventure:
From “chef” Curry to “Sheriff” Dibbo the step is short. Even the percentages are a bit different compared to the Golden State alien but our sheriff has shown himself throughout the year with performances, both offensive and defensive, of level. Able to play more roles and perform more tasks, he will be one of those we miss the most next year. When we watch the sun rise, we will think of you, from the land of the rising sun. Arigato Giorgio

The best-looking heroes are the ones with beards. To hide the generalities, to blend in the shadows: not to show emotions in the decisive moments. Fallu led us to triumph thanks to decisive and unimaginable baskets. Gigi Datome de noartri

With this name not very suitable for the lactose intolerant, Invernizzi stood out for his extreme availability and for his good relationship with the poor referees. Always the first to defend his teammates in difficulty, argumentative verve is a requirement to put on his CV. Commentator

The gentle giant. A very staid and shy boy but who transforms himself on the pitch and becomes a lion. Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Jovovic ‍

Always precise at the training ground, impossible to dress without a palette. Legno is ready to parade around Italy with the AS Luiss logo on his chest: he will try to sell Luiss merchandising in every existing region. Aoo do you want this shirt?

Captain. Raised on bread and arrosticini, he has come this far: a unique diet for a unique captain. The last one to give up, his tears of joy at the final whistle moved us. Romantic

A lot of intelligence, leadership but also a lot of quality. For many years at Luiss he never misses an opportunity to show himself lucid and brilliant. Chanteclair: to the cleaning of each ball

Under the basket? No mercy (semicit). In his first year among the greats, Perotti blocked everything that passed in front of him: shots, opponents, teammates, cars. They saw it outside the PalaLuiss instead of the traffic light. Traffic assistant. ‍‍

In every self-respecting social group, there is always a need for a friend capable of repairing any technological object. Given the height, he can change the LEDs in your home without the need for a ladder. Tolinoservice, at the service of Luiss ‍ ‍‍

The most beautiful hair in the Luissino locker room. Always tidy, always precise: ready for Hollywood, anything but A2. Bodybuilder